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Master's Degrees in Health Administration

Master of Health Administration (MHA) 

The Department of Public Health offers a Master's program in Health Administration. This program prepares the student for management and administrative positions in various types of health care facilities, organizations, and agencies such as hospitals, nursing homes, group medical practices, health maintenance organizations, public health agencies and clinics. This program will also prepare individuals to work in medical sales companies, health planning agencies, the health insurance sector and other related health organizations.

The Mission of the Western Kentucky University Master of Health Administration program is to prepare well-rounded students for leadership roles in healthcare management, as well as in the overall public health and healthcare delivery models within the local, state, and regional communities. 

The Vision of the Master of Health Administration program at Western Kentucky University is to be recognized as a leading choice in the preparation of dynamic and dedicated leaders in healthcare management for service and innovation in local, state, regional and global communities.

The MHA program at WKU adopts both institutional core values and values upheld in the field of healthcare management.

(1) Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion:  Based on the insitutional values, the MHA program at WKU strives to reflect the environment conducive to respect to all individuals regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, nationality or any other status they might have.

(2) Excellence in Leadership:  Based on the provisions of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the MHA program at WKU prepares the students with the professional qualities that are desired leadership roles in health administration and management.  

(3) Professionalism:  The MHA program at WKU strives to promote a culture of professionalism in all stages and settings of learning.  Enhancements are continually made in the student field experiences and engagements in professional activities to develop professionalism.

(4) Commitment to Serve:  Consistent with the Western Kentucky University mission, the MHA program at WKU value all types and levels of diversity among all its constituencies--students graduating from the program are prepared to be ready to serve individuals from diverse backgrounds for their need for healh care in the U.S. and in global communities.

(5) Integration:  The MHA program at WKU prepares students to be successful in the healthcare industry by incorporating in its program the understanding that collaborations among important stakeholders in heath care and integration with other industries is an important aspect of finding effective interventions and strategies for improving the healthcare services.

(6)  Life-Long Learning:  Building a student body that acknowledges the changing environment of health care and value and appreciate the need for staying abreast of all the changes and innovations occurring during their careers. 

The Health Administration program of Western Kentucky University meets all criteria and standards for admission into the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) as a student chapter. On December 12, 1989, the ACHE Board of Governors officially granted student chapter status to the Health Administration Program. The objective of the student chapter is to promote the ethical development of personal, professional, and social skills in a manner that will enhance the attainment of effective leadership in health care organizations. This is accomplished through professional interaction and dialogue with practicing health care professionals, research projects, community service, and other appropriate activities and endeavors.


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Online Executive Master of Health Administration (eMHA)

Health Administration is an ever-changing field of study that requires well-rounded leaders and innovators to manage the challenges in the health care world. Administrators are responsible for coordinating and organizing the delivery of care while staying in touch with consumers’ needs. The Executive Master of Health Administration Program at WKU is a pathway allows health care professionals the opportunity to strengthen their education with a unique and flexible schedule.  This pathway leads to the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree.

What makes the program appealing to so many professionals is its structure, which enables you to gain all this new expertise without giving up your job or lifestyle for your education. Created to meet the needs of busy executives, the program curriculum requires you to visit the classroom only three times per semester. Yet, you are able to complete the degree in two years. The majority of the coursework will be completed through online distance learning, which makes attaining your M.H.A. easier than ever.

Upon completion of the MHA at WKU, you will have gained:

• Skills that will separate you from your peers, and also expansion of career and professional opportunities.

• Management skills in specific areas related to all aspects of your career.

• Decision-making skills.

• Knowledge for a practical setting that will enable you to quickly and efficiently master and apply the latest industry strategies.

• The ability to lead and inspire individuals in your respective organizations.

To qualify for the Executive MHA Program, applicants must have at least 5 years of work experience in the healthcare field. Healthcare executives who meet this requirement, including physicians, nurses, and other practitioners as well as administrative professionals are encouraged to apply. Interviews shall be conducted on a case-by-case basis in the admission decision of healthcare professionals with less than five years of work experience to gather evidence of achievements and success in healthcare position(s) held. There is no Graduate Record Examination (GRE) requirement for applicants who meet Executive MHA admission criteria.

Applications must be made in two stages: The first stage includes submission of application materials to the Executive MHA Program. The second stage of the application requires submission of materials for admission into The Graduate School, Western Kentucky University. Only applications that have fulfilled application requirements for both EMHA Program and The Graduate School will be considered complete.

Part 1: Materials to be submitted to the EMHA Program

(1) Completed and (Electronically) Signed Executive MHA Application and Prerequisite Course Worksheet The application should be submitted electronically by clicking the "Submit Form" button located on the top right hand corner of the PDF file.

(2) Current resume with details of positions held and a personal statement should attached to this email: Resume and Personal Statement

(3) Two letters of reference from immediate supervisors in the two most recent positions held should be sent to this email: mhaexecutiveprogram@wku.edu

Part 2: Materials to be submitted to the WKU Graduate School Office

If determined eligible for EMHA after a review of materials under Part 1, the applicant shall be required to:

(1)  Apply to the WKU Graduate School: http://www.wku.edu/graduate/ Click on APPLY NOW

(2)  Submit official copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

(3)  Pay The Graduate School Application Fee

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Joint Undergraduate-Master's Program (JUMP)

Students may obtain both a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration (HCA) and a Master of Health Administration (MHA) concurrently in the Joint Undergraduate-Masters Progam (JUMP). The standard plan for this is designed to be accomplished in 5-years.  JUMP-MHA can lead to significant tuition savings when a student graduates with both an undergraduate and MHA degree.

The Integrated Master's/Bachelor's program is an exciting opportunity for students who excel academically. Students participating in the Joint BS/MHA program will be admitted to Graduate Studies and Research at the beginning of the semester in which they complete the total number of credit hours required for the undergraduate degree. For more information about JUMP-MHA, please contact an HCA advisor.

To qualify students must have the following:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Minimum of 60 undergraduate hours completed
  • Maximum of 90 undergraduate hours completed
  • Thirty (30) undergraduate hours must be completed at WKU for eligibility

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • MHA & JUMP Program

    Dr. Gregory Ellis-Griffith

    Associate Professor

    Director, HCA Programs

  • Phone: (270) 745-3076

  • Academic Complex 127F

  • eMHA Program

    Dr. Gregory Ellis-Griffith

    Associate Professor & Director, eMHA Program

  • Phone: (270) 745-3076

  • gregory.ellis-griffith@wku.edu


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