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Learning goals

The learning goals of the college are agreed upon by the faculty, and assessed by the Assurance of Learning Committee, with input and assistance from the faculty and staff of the Gordon Ford College of Business.

Learning Goals for the BBA from the Gordon Ford College of Business

Goal 1: Communication
The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms.

Goal 2: Legal and Ethical Awareness
An awareness of legal and ethical issues in business and society.

Goal 3 Critical and Strategic Thinking
Critical thinking skills through strategic problem-solving using integrated business knowledge

Goal 4: Global Awareness
Our students will be able to explain the increasingly integrated world economy and the forces behind this integration.

Goal 5: Discipline Knowledge
A basic knowledge of the business disciplines and areas.

Learning Goals for the MBA from the Gordon Ford College of Business

Goal 1. Discipline Knowledge
Our students will demonstrate understanding of knowledge in relevant business disciplines.

Goal 2. Qualitative Reasoning
Our students will demonstrate the skill of integrating discipline knowledge to identify, analyze, and offer solutions to business problems and situations.

Goal 3. Quantitative Reasoning
Our students will be able to apply quantitative modeling and data analysis techniques that can solve real world business problems and employ tools and technologies to effectively communicate this analysis.

Goal 4. Teamwork/Communication
Our students will have the communication, collaboration, and team skills necessary to successfully complete a project.

Additional Professional MBA (PMBA) Learning Goal

Global Awareness

Professional MBA students will demonstrate an understanding of business and intercultural similarities and differences between the US and other nations which impact business.

AACSB Seal PHD Project

The Gordon Ford College of Business is a top business school with dual AACSB accreditation in both business and accounting programs.



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