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WKURG Sustainability

When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, we’re focusing on addressing climate change. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is our top priority. We place special emphasis on sourcing responsibly, operating efficiently, minimizing food waste and reducing packaging. 

Green Thread® represents our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact through programs and practices that enrich and support the natural environment. 

Through everyday actions, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on improving our own operations, while offering expertise and practical solutions. But we don't stop there. We measure our impact and hold ourselves accountable to continuously improve.


Check out what we do on campus at WKU:


                    Resourcing            Minimize Food Waste          Operate Efficiently          Reduce Packaging

                    Source Responsibly          Minimize Food Waste          Operate Efficiently             Reduce Packaging


Certified Green Restaurants

Western Kentucky University has three Certified Green Restaurants on campus. Our environmental practices are verified by the Green Restaurant Association, a national nonprofit dedicated to making restaurants more sustainable. Collectively, our three locations have taken more than 80 environmental steps and earned over 500 GreenPoints™ in six environmental categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Reusables & Disposables, Chemicals & Pollution, Food, and Building & Furnishing.


green star certificationFresh Food Company has earned 232.2 GreenPoints™ and is a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® under the
Green Restaurant Association’s rigorous standards in categories such as water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable food, and chemical and pollution reduction. See Fresh Food Company’s environmental report card here.


CFA green restaurant certificationChick-fil-A is a 1 Star Certified Green Restaurant®. WKU Chick-fil-A was the second Green Restaurant certified Chick-fil-A out of 2,700 locations in the United States. It has implemented 25 environmental steps to earn 125.87 GreenPoints™. See Chick-fil-A’s environmental report card here.


Our purpose is simple - to make a positive impact on people and planet. Our sustainability plan starts with people. People are at the center of everything we do and so we’re focused on equity and wellbeing of our employees and consumers, the people in the communities where we live and work, as well as the people in our supply chain. We also focus on the wellbeing of our planet by minimizing environmental impact across all of our operations, from the foods we serve and facilities we operate to the vehicles we drive. Learn about how our sustainability plan comes to life.

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