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WKU Faculty-Led Programs

The Global Learning & International Affairs (GLIA) unit, led by Associate Provost John Sunnygard, includes all WKU international activities. The Study Abroad & Global Learning (SAGL) office is responsible for assisting students and faculty with all off-campus educational opportunities, including domestic and international faculty-led programs (FLPs), internships, research, and semester study.

Domestic and international programming led by WKU faculty is vital to achieving the goals of the WKU strategic plan. In the spirit of the plan, greater emphasis will be placed on academically rigorous, demonstrably sustainable programs that are integrated into an academic major or which offer Colonnade credit.

Why are we re-focusing our efforts? In addition to the strategic plan, we have specific WKU data demonstrating that study abroad by the end of a Hilltopper's second year increases 6-year graduation rates by 15% for low-income students, by 8% for first generation students, and by 29% for students with a GPA between 2.00 and 2.49. In leading a study abroad or Study USA program early in a student's time on the Hill, faculty leaders can have a quantifiably positive impact on student success.

GLIA Faculty-Led Program Coordinators, Diana Howard and Katie Bush, look forward to partnering with faculty program leaders to create high-impact experiences for students.


Upcoming Faculty-Led Proposal Deadlines
  • Winter 2022/Spring 2022: November 15, 2020
  • Summer 2022/Fall 2022: March 1, 2021


  1. Pre-Decision Phase
    • Provide Basic Program Information
    • Idenitfy Program Leadership
    • Provide Academic Information
    • Idenitfy Target Audience & Minimum Eligibility Requirements
    • Preliminary Risk Management & Contigency Planning
  2. Post-Decision Phase (follows proposal review & approval process)
    • Determine Final Itinerary, Budget, & Syllabi
    • Create Emergency Action Plan
    • Provide Leaders' Emergency Contact Information
  3. Returnee
    • Post-Program Report
    • Financial Close-Out
  1. Faculty meet with GLIA staff to dicuss program idea (recommended)
  2. Faculty submit proposal online
  3. GLIA reviews for completeness and potential risk management concerns. If necessary, communicates with program leader
  4. GLIA sends the proposal and evaluation quesions via email to the relevant department head(s) and dean(s) for their approval
  5. Associate Provost for GLIA reviews and makes final approval decision

Proposals will be evaluated on the following points: 

  1. Meets the academic standards set forth in WKU policies, as well as departmental policies;
  2. Clearly state(s) learning objectives that align with the academic activities and program location(s);
  3. The engagement expectations in WKU Policy 1.4034 are realistically achievable before, during, and after the off-campus component;
  4. Clearly describes pedagogical reasons for offering the course(s) in the particular location(s);
  5. Instructor(s) make appropriate use of local expertise and describe how they will develop or have developed local expertise;
  6. Contributes to the academic department's global learning goals;
  7. Review for possible overlap with other off-campus programs in department


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