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Colonnade Connections: International Experience

The Colonnade Committee is accepting course proposals for consideration as "International Experience" Connections courses.

Relevant definitions:

  •  A program proposal refers to the SAGL online proposal to offer an international program (logistics, leadership, etc.)
  •  A course proposal is the academic process to gain approval for the course to be taught on the program.

If your faculty led program proposal has already been approved, please submit the course proposal using the paper format, found here

Faculty teaching short-term international programs as WKU Faculty Led Programs may complete the Colonnade course proposal as an element of the online FLP proposals. Courses taught through KIIS or CCSA may submit their syllabi as per below for approval as a Connections category course “International Experience.”

To download these directions and those for the actual course proposal, please click here.

There are two pathways to submit a course for approval as a “Connections – International Experience” course. 

  1. Consecutively
    1. If a WKU academic department seeks approval for a new course that could be taught by a variety of faculty in different locations, but it is uncertain where/who will lead it initially, the department should seek course and Colonnade approval first through the regular curriculum process.
      1. KIIS and CCSA courses would follow the same procedure.
      2. For WKU Faculty Led Programs, the leader should then complete the SAGL online program proposal by the deadline for the desired travel term.
  2. Simultaneously
    1. Submit a new course for review through the regular curriculum process including departmental and college approval and complete the SAGL online program proposal at the same time. The submitted syllabus should include all requested information for the Colonnade committee (see below).
      1. SAGL will indicate on the FLP program approval form sent to the department head and Dean that a program course is being submitted for Colonnade approval.
    2. If your course is already on the books and you now seek Colonnade approval, please add the information requested by the Colonnade committee (below) to the syllabus you submit as part of your SAGL proposal. SAGL will then do two things:
      1. Send your syllabus forward to the Colonnade committee; and
      2. Indicate on the program proposal approval form sent to the department head and Dean that a particular course is being submitted for Colonnade approval.

Please contact Caryn Lindsay, SAGL Director, if you have any questions about the process.

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 Last Modified 9/25/19