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Yes. If any cash advance will be used, an initial check (at least $10 or more) is required, even if the bulk of the funds will be handled through wire transfer or ATM cash withdrawal. This allows the documentation to be scanned into the Banner system for future reference and auditing purposes.
No, all funds must be requested under one name. The payee name for all funds requested should be the name of the trip leader (one person responsible for the safeguard of cash advance funds). All wire transfers, ATM cash withdrawals, and the check must have the same name, even if the trip is co-directed with another leader.

Payee name must be a full time employee responsible for the funds. A six digit index number and commodity code are required. The description should contain the following information: Group Travel Advance, the destination city, state/country, and the trip dates.

Two signatures are required,  1. (Recommended for payment by) is the person preparing the form or the recipient of the funds.   2. (Approved by) is the Dean, Director, or Department Head responsible for the index being used.

For international travel only - Include other funds being requested (ATM cash and/or Wire).

No, the person receiving the funds must sign this form (the original form is preferred). A faxed or scanned copy can be submitted with the initial request as long as the original form will be submitted later.
If your area does not have a WKU Price Contract with a bus company, this would be allowed. All Athletics buses have WKU Price Contracts with bus companies and therefore cannot tip bus drivers.
No mileage should be paid with advance money. An individual voucher would need to be submitted for mileage. 
Your per Diem and other expenses should be included on the group travel voucher as you were a part of the group. If your expenses exceed the amount of your advance, the amount will be refunded to you the same way it would if you prepared an individual travel voucher.
Any funds wired must be documented with the initial requested amount and the actual amount when the wire was processed. The USD amount must be documented with voucher when the transition was requested in another currency (i.e. Euros). This also applies when excess advance funds are wired back to WKU, even if received by WKU in Euros.

International Group Travel:  Study Abroad Purchasing Card Guidelines - see Forms Purchasing - Procurement Card 

A copy of the PNC Procard Report should be printed and included with the expense voucher documentation. The report can be found under Report Studio-Company Reports. Contact the Procard office if you need assistance with this report.

  • Payment Authorization Form
  • Estimated Group Travel Advance Request Form 
  • Group Travel Roster Form

The purchasing card is the first method of payment for all travel-related transactions. see Purchasing - Procurement Card - Guidelines.

No, these types of expenses are not allowed and WKU would have to be reimbursed for these types of charges.




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