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Division of Strategy, Operations and Finance - Insurance (Property & Vehicle)

Division of Strategy, Operations and Finance - Insurance (Property & Vehicle)

Insurance (Property & Vehicle) is responsible for maintaining appropriate coverages on WKU property and vehicles, as well as professional liability and general liability coverages for a variety of departmental services and certain short term events. The department handles all auto and property claims as well as claims filed through the Kentucky State Board of Claims. Insurance (Property & Vehicle) is also responsible for approving university driver applications and maintaining the University Approved Driver's listing. 

Vehicle Information

In order to drive a vehicle insured by the University (owned, leased or rented) you must be familiar with the following policy and be on the approved driver's list.

Use of Vehicles and Approved Driver's Policy - see WKU Policies

Drivers Release and Applicant Information Form - see Forms - Insurance (Property & Vehicle)



Western Kentucky University purchases insurance to cover rental vehicles. The Rental Vehicle, Proof of Insurance Form should be used whenever you rent a vehicle from other than Enterprise or National see Forms - Insurance (Property & Vehicle)

This insurance provides coverage in the USA and Canada. If a vehicle is rented in a foreign country, you should purchase insurance from the rental company.

The rental agency (in most cases) requires the vehicle to be rented in an individual's name, but you can have WKU on the second line. If you have any trouble printing the form, please call 270-745-5859.

Steps to Follow When Renting a Vehicle

  1. Before leaving campus make copies of the Proof of Insurance Form and the On-site Accident Form. These should be maintained in the vehicle for use in case of an accident.

  2. Western Kentucky University should be included in the name and address section of the rental agreement.

  3. Before taking possession of the vehicle or signing any rental forms that state you are taking the vehicle without damage, completely inspect the vehicle (inside and out) noting any damages.

  4. Have the rental company's agent agree (on the rental forms) that damages did exist at the time you took control of the vehicle.

  5. Upon returning the vehicle, again inspect the vehicle noting any damages.

  6. Have the rental company's agent note that either no damages existed or that all damages present were there when you originally took possession of the vehicle.

  7. If there were damages sustained while the vehicle was in your possession, you will need to complete an Accident Report Form - see Forms - Insurance (Property & Vehicle).  





Insurance (Property & Vehicle)

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