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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee shall consist of voting members, their alternates, and non-voting advisory members. One senate representative and one alternate from each college (excluding Honors College) and the Library shall be selected by Senate colleagues from the same college/Library. One curriculum committee representative and one alternate shall be selected from each of the college undergraduate curriculum committees. To ensure adequate representation, three faculty members and three alternates shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. The at-large appointees should normally be Senators, but non-Senators may be appointed. One student senator shall be selected by the Student Government Association to serve on the Committee. The selected senators, curriculum committee representatives, at-large appointees, and the student representative are voting members. The Registrar, a representative of the Office of the Provost, and the deans (or their representatives) of the undergraduate colleges, and the Library shall be non-voting advisory members.

Visit the UCC site at http://www.wku.edu/ucc


Membership, 2018-2019

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS Janet Applin-D, CHAIR  
CHHS Grace Lartey*  
GFCB  Ron Rhoades-D Stephen Locke-D
LIBRARIES Joseph Shankweiler-D  
OCSE Melanie Autin-AL  
PCAL Allison Youngblood-D  
SGA  Matthew (Matt) Barr* (SGA)  
AT LARGE  Ching-Hsuan Wu* (PCAL)  
AT LARGE Andrew Mienaltowski* (OCSE),
AT LARGE Angie Jerome-AL (PCAL)  
* Non-Sentor

"D" = Departmental Senator

"AL" = At-Large Senator



Membership, 2017-2018

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS Janet Applin, CHAIR  
CHHS Beth Norris Lori Alexander
GFCB Ron Rhoades Stephen Locke
LIBRARIES Joseph Shankweiler  
OCSE Larry Hill Gordon Baylis
PCAL Audrey Anton (Jean-Luc Houle
to substitute in her absence)
Dale Rigby
UC Jenn Brinkley*  
AT LARGE Gordon Baylis  
AT LARGE Kandy Smith  
AT LARGE Matt Nee  
* Non-Senator



Membership, 2016-2017

College Representative Alternate
CEBS Pam Jukes David Bell
CHHS Liz Sturgeon Maribeth Wilson
GFCB Ling Lo Sean Marston
LIBRARIES Katherine Pennavaria Laura Delancey
OCSE Jeremy Maddox Edmund Martelli
PCAL Audrey Anton Grayson Hunt
UC Anne Heintzman Molly Kerby
At Large Beth Pyle Sara McCaslin
At Large Jerry Daday Ashley Fox
At Large Leslie Plumlee  



Membership, 2015-2016

College Representative Alternate
CEBS   Martha Day
CHHS Liz Sturgeon Marilyn Gardner
GFCB Ling Lo Sean Marston
LIBRARIES Katherine Pennavaria Laura Delancey
OCSE Aaron Wichman Stephen King
PCAL Tammy Van Dyken Doug Smith
UC Anne Heintzman Megan Miller
At Large Andrew Mienaltowski Sonya House
At Large Jennifer Brinkley Carol Watwood
At Large Ashley Fox Amanda Onion



Membership 2014-2015

College Representative Alternate
CEBS Michael Day Gail Kirby
CHHS Liz Sturgeon Marilyn Gardner
GFCB Ling Lo  
LIBRARIES Laura DeLancey  
OCSE Aaron Wichman  
PCAL Tamare Van Dyken Doug Smith
UC Jennifer Howard Lloren Foster
SGA Nolan Miles  
At Large Andrew Mienaltowski (OCSE)  
At Large Ashley Fox (CHAIR)  
At Large    

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