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Faculty Welfare & Professional Responsibilities Committee

The Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibilities Committee shall consist of voting members, their alternates, and non-voting advisory members. One senate representative and one alternate shall be selected from each college (excluding Honors College) and the Library by Senate colleagues from the same college/Library. To ensure adequate representation, three at-large appointees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. The at-large appointees should normally be Senators, but non-Senators may be appointed. A faculty member from an extended campus and a part-time faculty member shall also serve as voting members of this Committee. These members shall be selected by rotation among the off-campus centers in the extended campus member's case and rotated among the colleges for the part-time faculty member. One student senator shall be selected by the Student Government Association to serve on the Committee. The selected senators, at-large appointees, extended campus representative, part-time faculty representative, and the student government representative shall be voting members. A representative from the Office of the Provost shall be a non‑voting advisory member of this committee.


Membership, 2019-2020

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS  Stacey Leggett*  
CHHS Julie Lee-D  
GFCB Jacob Byl-D  
LIBRARIES Sue Lynn McDaniel-D  
OCSE Dan Clark-D  
PCAL Lauren McClain-AL-CHAIR Travis Newton-D
SGA  Conner Hounshell*  
Regional Campus  Melanie Asriel*  
PART-TIME  Tina Smajlagic*  
AT-LARGE Natasha Gerstenschlager-AL  
AT-LARGE James Barker-D  
AT-LARGE Amy Brausch-D  
* Non-Senator

"D" = Departmental Senator
"AL" = At-Large Senator


Membership, 2018-2019

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS Lacretia Dye-D  
CHHS Maribeth Wilson-AL Dianna Ransdell-D
GFCB Stephen Locke-D Ron Rhoades-D
LIBRARIES Carol Watwood-D  
OCSE Dan Clark-D Ajay Srivastava-D
PCAL Patti Minter-D
SGA  Connor Hounshell* (SGA)  
REGIONAL CAMPUS Melanie Asriel* (OCSE)  
PART TIME Daniel Phillips* (PCAL)  
AT LARGE Dawn Garrett-Wright-AL
Tammie Stenger-Ramsey-AL (CHHS)
AT LARGE Natasha Gertenschlager-AL (OCSE)  
AT LARGE Lauren McClain-AL, CHAIR  
* Non-Senator

"D" = Departmental Senator

"AL" = At-Large Senator


Membership, 2017-2018

College   College Representative  Alternate Representative
CEBS Lacretia Dye  
CHHS Maribeth Wilson Dianna Ransdell
GFCB Stephen Locke Ron Rhoades
LIBRARIES Carol Watwood  
OCSE Dan Clark Ajay Srivastava
PCAL Patti Minter, CHAIR Grayson Hunt
UC Elizabeth Gish  
AT LARGE Laura Bohuski*  
AT LARGE Edmund Martelli  
AT LARGE Lauren McClain*  
* Non-Senator


Membership, 2016-2017

College Representative Alternate
CEBS Rep Lacretia Dye Lynn Hines
CHHS Rep Travis Esslinger  
GFCB Rep Sean Marston Thad Crews
LIBRARIES Rep Sandy Staebell Katherine Pennavaria
OCSE Rep Stephen King Farad Ashrafzadeh
PCAL Rep Lauren McClain Dick Taylor
UC Rep Julie Shadoan Anne Heintzman
Regional Campus   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
At Large Patricia Minter (Chair) Audrey Anton
At Large April Murphy Carol Evans
At Large Said Ghezal  


Membership, 2015-2016

College Representative Alternate
CEBS Rep Lacretia Dye Rebecca Stobaugh
CHHS Rep Travis Esslinger D'Lee Babb
GFCB Rep Sean Marston Ling Lo
LIBRARIES Rep Sandy Stabell Katherine Pennavaria
OCSE Rep Stephen King Kelly Madole
PCAL Rep Lauren McClain Dick Taylor
UC Rep Megan Miller Anne Heintzman
Regional Campus Jennifer Hanley XXXXXXXXX
Part-Time Kenyatta Martin XXXXXXXXX
At Large Shahnez Aly Carol Evans
At Large PAtricia Minter Laura Bohuski
At Large Cheryl Wolf  


Membership, 2014-2015

College Representative Alternate
CEBS Rep Andrew West Rico Tyler
CHHS Rep Gayle Mallinger Richard Dressler
GFCB Rep Ismail Civelek  
OCSE Rep Allison Day Attila Por
PCAL Rep Lauren McClain Dick Taylor
Regional Rep    
SGA Rep Jay Todd Richey  
UC Rep Tucker Davis Michelle Jackson
At Large Shahnaz Aly (OCSE)  
At Large Patti Minter (Chair)  
At Large Ching-Yi Lin  

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