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Colonnade Committee

The Colonnade General Education Committee, hereafter referred to as the Colonnade Committee, or CGEC, is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate as defined in part IV-A of the Faculty Senate Charter (Charter of the Faculty Senate, October 2021). Composed of regular and advisory members representing the faculty, administration, and student body, the Colonnade Committee functions as the faculty review body to make recommendations regarding matters pertaining to the Colonnade Program.  The Colonnade Committee has four types of responsibilities: 

  1. To make proposals to the Faculty Senate concerning the structure and content of the Colonnade General Education Program; 
  2. To develop and review Colonnade General Education guidelines, policies, performance standards, assessment and assessment policies - except when overseen by the Colonnade Director(s) - and course criteria; 
  3. To consider new courses and review existing courses proposed for the Colonnade General Education Program; and 
  4. To verify that courses and policies meet the established Colonnade General Education Program requirements 


How to Submit a New Colonnade Course OR Review a Colonnade Course

  1. Log onto Course Leaf:  https://nextcatalog.wku.edu/courseadmin/
  2. Select Propose a New Course OR use the search box to find the course you want to revise
  3. Complete required fields (outlined in red)
  4. Save to save and return later; Save and Submit to submit to faculty governance workflow


Faculty Governance Workflow for New Colonnade Courses: 

  1. Department - faculty should have their department vote on whether or not they approve the course. 
  2. College - course goes before the College Curriculum Committee. 
  3. Colonnade - once it has been approved by both the department and the College Curriculum Committee, it then goes to the Colonnade General Education Committee (CGEC). 
  4. University Curriculum Committee (UCC) - after it has been approved by the CGEC, it then goes before the UCC. 
  5. Senate Executive Committee (SEC) - following approval at the CGEC and UCC, the course then goes before the SEC. 
  6. University Faculty Senate - following SEC approval it goes before the full University Faculty Senate. 
  7. Provost - final approval is the Provost’s Office. 

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