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Academic Quality Committee

The Committee on Academic Quality shall consist of voting members, their alternates, and non-voting advisory members. One senate representative and one alternate from each college (excluding Honors College) and the Library shall be selected by Senate colleagues from the same college/Library. To ensure adequate representation, three at-large appointees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. The at-large appointees should normally be Senators, but non-Senators may be appointed. One representative shall be selected by the Student Government Association to serve on this committee. The selected senators, at-large appointees and the student government representative shall be voting members. A representative from the Registrar's Office, a representative from the Academic Advising and Retention Center and a representative of the Office of the Provost shall be non-voting advisory members.


Membership, 2018-2019

College College Respresentative

Alternate Representative

 CEBS  Jim Berger-D  
 CHHS  Mark Schafer-AL Colin Farrell-D
 GFCB Aquesha Daniels-D  
 LIBRARIES Christy Spurlock-D  
 OCSE  James Gary-AL Leslie Plumlee-AL
 PCAL David Serafini-AL  
SGA  Amanda Harder* (SGA)  
AT LARGE Heather Strode-D, Chair  
* Non-Senator
"D" = Departmental Senator
"AL" = At-Large Senator


Membership, 2017-2018

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS Jim Berger  
CHHS Beth Pyle D'Lee Babb
GFCB Kirk Atkinson, CHAIR Melloney Simerly
LIBRARIES Christy Spurlock  
OCSE Sharon Mutter Leslie Plumlee
PCAL Dale Rigby Audrey Anton
UC Jim Fulkerson Elizabeth Gish
AT LARGE Julie Shadoan*  
AT LARGE Francesca Sunkin*  
AT LARGE Heather Strode  
* Non-Senator


Membership, 2016-2017

College College Representative Alternate Representative
CEBS Lisa Duffin Jie Zhang
CHHS Cathy Abell Keri Esslinger
GFCB Helen Feng Liang  
LIBRARIES Katherine Pennavaria Sandy Staebell
OCSE Sharon Mutter Jeremy Maddox
PCAL Ann Ferrell, Chair Jerry Daday
UC Julie Shadoan Molly Kerby
At Large Francesca Sunkin Lauren Bland
At Large  Heather Strode  Kumi Ishii
At Large  Kristie Guffey  


Membership, 2015-2016

College Primary Representative Alternate
CEBS Lisa Duffin Tony Paquin
CHHS Cathy Abell Jonghee Shim
GFCB Helen Feng Liang Thad Crews
LIBRARIES Katherine Pennavaria Laura Delancey
OCSE Jeremy Maddox (Chair) Bryan Reaka
PCAL Ann Ferrell Yvonne Petkus
UC Julie Shadoan Molly Kerby
At Large Francesca Sunkin Lauren Bland
At Large Heather Strode Dale Rigby
At Large Mac McKerral Natasha Gerstenschlager


Membership, 2014-2015

College Primary Representative Alternate
CEBS Krisstal Clayton Tony Paquin
CHHS Jonghee Shim D'Lee Babb
GFCB Yining Chen  
LIBRARIES Laura DeLancey (Chair)  
OCSE Muhammad Jahan  
PCAL Ann Ferrell Elizabeth Winkler
SGA Seth Church  
UC Michelle Jackson Julie Shadoan
At Large Cathy Abell (CHHS)  
At Large Ching-Yi Lin  
At Large    

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