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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, March 21, 2019 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


Copy of Agenda
A.  Approve minutes of prior month Senate Meeting
B.  Reports - Part I

1.  Chair - Kirk Atkinson

a.  Response to March 1 Board of Regent's Salary Actions

2.  Vice Chair - Dan Clark

3.  Secretary - Jason Bergner

4.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education - Molly Kerby

5.  AAUP representative - Margaret Crowder

C.  Committee Reports and Recommendations

1.  Academic Quality Committee: Heather Strode (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

2.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibilities Committee: Lauren McClain (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

3.  Budget and Finance Committee: Jim Berger (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

4.  Colonnade General Education Committee: Mary Wolinski (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

5.  Graduate Council: Carl Dick (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

6.  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Janet Applin (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

7.  Faculty Handbook Committee: Kate Hudepohl (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

D.  Old Business
E.  New Business

1.  Senate Budget Revision

2.  Faculty Handbook Action Items

a.  01-2019 - Substantive Change: Appendix - Faculty Regent Election

b.  02-2019 – Non-Substantive Change: Foreword

c.  03-2019 – Non-Substantive Change: I.B.2. Graduate Council

d.  04-2019 – Non-Substantive Change: II.K. Course Syllabi and Student Performance Procedures

e.  05-2019 - Non-Substantive Change: II.N. Grade Reporting

f.  06-2019 - Non-Substantive Change: II.P. Academic Advising

g.  07-2019 - Non-Substantive Change: II.W.1. Extra –University consulting

h.  08-2019 – Substantive Change: IV.C.2. Faculty Complaint

i.  09-2019 – Substantive Change: II.A.2. Lecturer Appointment

j.  10-2019 – Substantive Change: III.F.1. Promotion Application Deadlines

k.  11-2019 – Substantive Change: IV.B.2. Notice to New Faculty

l.  12-2019 – Substantive Change: III.D.1 Criteria for Promotion Recommendation

3.  Audit and Withdrawal Policy Support Resolution

F.  Reports - Part II

1.  Advisory Reports:

a.  Faculty Regent: Claus Ernst

b.  Academic Affairs: Terry Ballman, Provost

c.  SGA President: Stephen Mayer

G.  Information Items

1.  NCFS Status Report

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