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PCAL Quick Turn-Around Grant

Quick TurnAround Grants
2018 - 2019



Quick Turn-Around Grants are small grants in the amount of $1,000 - $3,000 for research and creative activity, funded by Facilities & Administrative costs accrued through the external grant process, and supplemented by internal one-time funds from the Potter College of Arts & Letters Dean's Office. These funds are provided to support critical and immediate needs, and are intended to be spent within three months of being awarded (though projects can occur outside of the three-month time frame). Requests of less than $1000 will not be considered by the committee.

QTAG is meant to provide funding for research and creative activities, specifically travel/shipping/other expenses to conduct research/creative activities, or the dissemination of research/creative activities. Examples of QTAG activities are travel to conduct research, money to pay research assistants, costs associated with shipping artwork for an exhibit, purchase of lab supplies to further existing research, costs for materials or supplies for a project, costs associated with staging a production or exhibit, and/or costs associated with mailed survey materials.

Applications that request money for non-expendable supplies or equipment must:

  1. Include a justification for why that particular piece of equipment is critical for the project;
  2. Explain that no similar equipment type is available, either through the TRC or the department, or;
  3. Explain why the requested equipment must be used in place of existing equipment. 
  4. Show that research materials (including books) are not already available in the WKU library or available online).

For example, if a project requires the use of a microphone, the "Equipment Justification" section needs to explain why the microphones already available for faculty in the TRC or in departments are not adequate for the proposed project. 

All non-expendable supplies or equipment purchased with QTAG funds are property of WKU, and must be turned in to the department head at the end of the QTAG period.  

Conference travel: Conference travel is not eligible for QTAG funding for the 2018 - 2019 funding cycle.

The remaining QTAG funding periods in the 2018 - 2019 year:


October (Applications due by end of business Sept 28th) [All money must be spent by January 15]
November (Applications due by end of business October 31) [All money must be spent by February 15]
December (Applications due by end of business November 30th) [All money must be spent by March 15]
January (Applications due by end of business December 31st) [All money must be spent by April 15]
February (Applications due by end of business January 31st) [All money must be spent by May 15]
March (Applications due by end of business February 28th) [All money must be spent by May 15]
April (Applications due by end of business March 29th) [All money must be spent by May 15]

 Potter College has allocated $6000 for each of the periods.  Leftover funds from one period will be re-distributed equally across the  remaining funding periods.

Recipients will be notified by the 15th of the month following the due date, and all funds must be spent within 90 days of that date. with the exception of March and Paril, which must be spent by May 15th, 2019. Funds for QTAG activities will be spent through the departmental office and then reimbursed via interoffice account from the PCAL Dean's Office. Successful QTAG recipients must submit a post-award report detailing the use of the funds before the funds will be transferred. That report form will be included in the notice of award.

Once the application in submitted using the form below, submit a PDF file (as a single file) with the following items:

  1. A cover sheet that includes your name, department, and a line item list of all requested expenses, with a total at the bottom. The total must match the amount requested in the QTAG submission;
  2. Documentation of each expense. This should include a PDF print or a screenshot of the price quotes for each individual expense [hotel, air fare, etc.]. All travel expenses must follow university policies as outlined below.


Please do not use the PDF document to expand upon or repeat your application. Submit this as a single PDF document to Andrew McMichael.

The budget justification must be in a single PDF file, and must indicate the source of the prices/quotes for hotels, fees, &c. &c.  Please include screenshots from Travelocity, the airline website, the hotel website, or whatever the source of the price quote is in the single PDF. Please do not use this part to repeat or expand upon your application. It should contain the budget justification and supporting documents only.


Faculty may only receive one QTAG award per academic year. Applications for funding can only cover a single event/trip/thing. Unsuccessful applications may be revised and resubmitted for subsequent funding cycles. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew McMichael.


All spending is subject to the following policies:


The QTAG Committee representatives for this year are:

  • Art: Marilee Salvator
  • Communication: Holly Payne
  • Diversity and Community Studies: Cheryl Hopson
  • English: Peggy Otto
  • Folk/Anth: Ashley Stinnett
  • History: Juan Romero
  • Journalism/Broadcasting: Bradley Pfranger
  • Modern Languages: Inma Pertusa
  • Music: Matthew Herman
  • Philosophy/Religion: Paul Fischer
  • Poli Sci: Dan Boden
  • Sociology: Stephen Groce
  • Theatre/Dance: Julie LYnn Barber


Please note - If the project involves human subjects, animal subjects, export control issues, rDNA/RGZ microbe, or bio-hazards, appropriate institutional approval(s) must be obtained before the project begins and funds are spent. Contact Paul Mooney (paul.mooney@wku.edu) in the Office of Research Integrity for further information or visit http://www.wku.edu/compliance/.








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