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What is it?

  • Individuals and groups of artists to creating linked works of art during AY 2018-19
  • A chance for many parts of Potter College to create something collaboratively


How does it work?

  • The project will start with an evocative quote
  • The quote will be given to a small number of artists (or teams) in September, and each artist or group will create a separate work of art inspired by the quote.
  • A second group of artists/teams in October will create works inspired by a work of art made by the September group. A genre switch will happen each time, so a musician will respond to a written work, a sculptor to a dance, etc.
  • This will continue with time-slots in November, December/January, February & March
  • Initial participants will sign up in August, and be slotted into preferred time-slots.
  • The chain of artists will branch out, so more artists can be added to the project mid-way (i.e. each work of art created will be given to at least 2 other artists, so each month will have an increasing number of artists)


In April the project will be “unveiled” as no one but the first group and the project coordinators will have seen the initial quote, and no one will see the works of art in their complete “chains.”  The work will be displayed on a website, in the Kentucky Museum, and possibly at other locations around WKU as well.  There will be some live performances and screenings at the Kentucky Museum on several evenings during the time the works are on display.  Music, film, dance and etc will also be displayed on monitors and audio recordings as part of the gallery display.


This project was inspired by the Telephone Project, created by the Satellite Collective.

To see their project, visit:  telephone.satellitecollective.org


Who may create works of art for the project?

  • All genres of artists—visual artists, musicians/composers, film makers, photographers, dancers, theater writers/performers, fiction and non-fiction writers
  • Faculty, staff and students in PCAL may participate as individual artists or in teams.
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to use the project in courses, whether as an official assignment, or as an extra credit opportunity.


How else can one participate?

  • Publicizing and promoting the project, documenting or writing about the art created, helping to coordinate the gallery display and performances, etc.
  • Coming to the final exhibit and seeing the visual works on display
  • Attending screenings and performances of the films, videos, music, dances and theater pieces created.


Previous Participants

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For more information, please contact shura.pollatsek@wku.edu.

Shura Pollatsek

Professor, Theatre and Dance

Office:  FAC 114
Phone:  270-745-2644
Email:  shura.pollatsek@wku.edu
Website:  http://www.shuracostumedesign.com

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