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OU Campus News

OU Campus News

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Alumni Directory (July 12th, 2012)

Create an alumni directory within OU Campus

Did You Know? Accessibility Check is Available (June 25th, 2012)

The accessibility check is available to use to check your pages.

Online Training Now Available! (June 1st, 2012)

Online training is now available for those seeking access to OU Campus.

Assets 2.0 (May 14th, 2012)

Assets 2.0 are here with improved ability to locate your asset.

Org Site Templates Available (May 9th, 2012)

Org templates available and all Org sites should now convert to OU Campus.

Two Sites shown on Login (March 27th, 2012)

You may see something different when you login.

Application Server Available (February 27th, 2012)

Application Server is available for more complex coding and database applications. Please be aware that as early as summer the old www1 server will be decommissioned so all of your web code will need to be off of there.

Table Borders (February 23rd, 2012)

Tables should now use CSS styles to place borders around the table and around the cells.

OU Campus Scheduled Downtime (February 16th, 2012)

OmniUpdate has some scheduled downtime for OU Campus on Saturday, February 18th from 11:00 PM - Midnight. Please make sure you logout and have saved all changes before the 11 PM start time.

jQuery Update (February 14th, 2012)

jQuery has been updated to version 1.7.1.

Table Alignment (January 27th, 2012)

Table Alignment might change some. If yours has please read this article.

Template Upgrade Complete (January 27th, 2012)

The new templates have been implemented. Be sure to test your pages.

Template Upgrade (January 20th, 2012)

On Wednesday, January 25th, we will be upgrading OU Campus templates. This upgrade may have a small impact on the display of your pages, but most people should not notice a difference.

OUCampus Release Version 9.13 (December 12th, 2011)

OUCampus was updated this weekend. It added one feature that many have requested and corrected a bug.

LDP Form HR Addition (December 8th, 2011)

We have added another special element to the LDP forms. We have had a few request for a way to better separate parts of their form. The new special element is an HR tag.

Top Nav files (December 5th, 2011)

Some Top Navigation's now link to the file. If this is the case when you click on the link it will just take you to just a page of the code. I would suggest you create a landing page that has all of the drop down links on it.

LDP Form - Data Stored in Database (December 2nd, 2011)

It looks like there is another bug with LDP Forms. If you create a form and have the results stored in the Database you might run into issues if you add another element. The results from the form for that element might not get stored in the Database.

LDP Forms Bugs: FAULTCODE:1 'ASCII' (December 1st, 2011)

Known issues when receiving the following error message when submitting a form: FAULTCODE: 1 'ASCII' ... This is due to sending the results of your form to someone via email specifically including a Multi-Line filed.

Dependency Manager (November 14th, 2011)

Dependency Manager is now active.

OU Campus Bug Fixes - Version 9.12.2 (November 10th, 2011)

OmniUpdate updated OUCampus last night. This update corrected the bug that inserted the absolute path instead of leaving them relative.

BUG - www3 absolute links (November 9th, 2011)

For the last 3 days anything opened up within the WYSIWYG added absolute links to your URL's. Up until 1:00pm today the site url was set to To correct just re-open file in WYSIWYG, save and publish.

Forms, Print CSS is now live (November 2nd, 2011)

LDP Forms and Print Stylesheet is now live.

Forms, Print CSS and more! (October 31st, 2011)

LDP forms are ready!!! We also now have a print stylesheet.

News Feed Bug Fix (October 31st, 2011)

News feeds now only pulls articles if it is after the publish date.

OU Addons Features Added (October 11th, 2011)

We are pleased to announce that now through OU Addons you can see all the sites you have access to. You can view the Main Site Contacts for all sites.

Bug Fixes in OU Campus 9.11.5 (October 10th, 2011)

Bulk Publishing in Internet Explorer is now working

Bug Fixes in OU Campus 9.11.4 (October 3rd, 2011)

You should be able to upload in Internet Explorer as long as your naming convention is within our set standards.

Image Upload - Known Issue (September 29th, 2011)

Uploading images in Internet Explorer without renaming them on the upload will result in an error. Please use Firefox to upload images, or rename them on the upload.

New Features in OU Campus 9.11.1 (September 6th, 2011)

The latest version of OU Campus fixes some bugs that you may have run across. Most notably, you can now modify navigation menus directly through the WYSIWYG editor without using the HTML view.

OU Campus September Workshop Schedule (September 2nd, 2011)

We have scheduled OU Campus worskhops each week in September. Find out the dates now!

HTML5 Change Reverted (September 2nd, 2011)

The template change to HTML5 has been reverted. The change caused some unforeseen changes in spacing. Although the spacing differences seem fairly small, we felt it was best to get these addressed before continuing.

Add Pre-formatted FAQs to your site (August 29th, 2011)

Did you know that you can add pre-formatted FAQ's to your site?

OU Campus Workshop (August 24th, 2011)

Don't miss our next OU Campus Workshop on August 31st.

New Features in OU Campus 9.11 (August 24th, 2011)

There are several new features and fixes in the latest release of OU Campus.

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New Snippets Available for Migrated Templates

Snippets have become a main building block when making pages in your migrated site. Since migration template workshops began the WebDev group have added some new snippets to use. You can browse all snippets on the Funny Monkeys website.

Unpublished Dependencies Checkbox

Be on the lookout for the Include Unpublished Dependencies checkbox when publishing files. It is now by default checked.

New Template Workshops Available

We are excited to announce the opening of training sessions for the web migration into the new WKU OUCampus website templates. Session dates and times are listed inside OUAddons and are open for online registration now.

Images with a News Article

We have built in the ability for users to add an image within a news article.

Font Awesome Updated to 4.6

Font Awesome icon set updated to version 4.6

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Unpublished Dependencies Checkbox

Be on the lookout for the Include Unpublished Dependencies checkbox when publishing files. It is now by default checked.

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