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Grid Galleries

The grid option will display a grid of thumbnails that are automatically generated from the image you upload. Clicking a thumbnail will open a modal box with a carousel of images in your gallery, allowing them to be viewed larger. Grid Galleries are defined in the Advanced section of the Gallery Options Panel using the options below.

Creating a Grid Gallery



To configure a grid gallery, some extra code must be added to the Advanced input in the Gallery Options.


Gallery Style (Required)

You must entering the following option into the advanced field to display your gallery in the grid thumbnail style. If you do not include this option your gallery will display as a carousel.



Bordered Thumbnails

Use the advanced options to enable thumbnail style images for your grid. This style adds padding around the image as well as a border.

A Big Red thumbnail example image using the default style


A Big Red thumbnail example image that does use the thumbnail style




Columns are selected the same way as the thumbnails and style by entering columns=#;, replacing # with the number of columns you want you display in your grid. If no value is entered your grid will default to 4 columns.




Minimum Image Width

When an thumbnail in a grid gallery is clicked on the full size images appear in a carousel style.  Since this carousel fills the entire width of the site container we recommend all images be at least 1200px wide.  While not required for grids it is also recommended that you make sure your images are all the same size and height as eachother so the carousel controls do not move. 

Grid Gallery


Recommended Thumbnail Sizes

Gallery assets can be placed anywhere on the page including side columns. When specifying a grid and columns, you will want to size your thumbnails to fill the column. Use the code generator in the next section to create your advanced section code and determine the thumbnail size for you. Thumbnails are automatically generated at the size you enter from the full size image that you upload.

Page Layout
1 Column 2 Column Main 3 Column Main Side Column
Gallery Columns
1 Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended
2 Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended 275x275
3 400x400 300x300 200x200 175x175
4 300x300 225x225 150x150 140x140
5 250x250 180x180 125x125 115x115
6 200x200 150x150 100x100 Not Recommended



Code Generator

Use this form by selecting the number of columns for your grid and the desired location in your template to determine the recommended thumbnail size as well as advanced code.




6 columns




5 columns with Thumbnail Style




4 columns with Thumbnail Style



Galleries can be placed in side columns or snippets also. In this example two galleries are displayed inside a 2 col snippet to demonstrate what they may look like in a side column or smaller width.


3 columns with Thumbnail Style





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