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Site Notification

Notifications can be added site wide using the _notification.pcf file. These messages use the alert style and are shown at the top of every page. Use notifications when you need to communicate urgent or important information on every page. This is a great way to inform users that something has moved, a location is closed, or hours have changed.

Each site has one notification file and message per site, they cannot be added to sub-folders. Once enabled, the notification will display on every page, they cannot be hidden per page.


Notification Page Properties

The _notification.pcf file will need to be published after saving for any changes to these to take effect.


Enable Notification

Turns the notification on and off for the entire site.

  • On
  • Off


Notification Level

Sets the level and formatting of the message.

  • Emergency - The danger alert comes in red with an exclamation icon, indicating a dangerous or potentially negative action.
  • Warning - Yellow warning alerts indicate caution or warnings. They come with an exclamation icon. These are useful for drawing attention and notifying users, but might not be negative or dangerous like the danger alert.
  • Info - The information alert comes displays as blue with a lowercase i icon. Use this alert to convey neutral information such as a change in hours or location.


Turn on Notifications

Notifications use Page Properties to control the display and level.

How-To Instructions



Examples of the level of notification can be seen on the alert snippets page since they share the same styles. Use the snippets instead of the _notification.pcf when you need alerts per page.

Alert Levels



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