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M.S. in Library Media Education

MS Library Media

The Master of Science in Library Media Education is a dual concentration program in information services (LMS) and educational technology (EDTECH). It prepares persons for service as library media specialists, training development specialists, educational technology specialists, and information service specialists in schools, colleges, public libraries, and private organizations.

The Master of Science degree is a 30-33 hour program. A fifteen hour core of courses is required plus a 3-hour research tool.

Students who seek teacher certification in the school library media or educational technology must follow the requirements for teacher certification. Both may be used for the Kentucky Rank II or Rank I salary levels.

Admission to the program does not require prior teacher certification, and students may complete the program without seeking any teacher certification.

All applications must meet the following admission requirements:

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA in their last 60 hours of coursework or an earned master's degree
  • Submission of an application portfolio that includes:
    • A letter of application with information about the applicant's academic and career background, professional goals and interests, and other information relevant to the applicant's potential for success in the program
    • A current resume or vitae
    • Two letters of recommendation from professional colleagues or college/university faculty members who can provide information about the applicant's potential for success in the MS in LME program
    • Minimum 3-page original writing sample that demonstrates the applicant's analytical writing ability. 

Students who seek initial or advanced teacher certification must follow the requirements for one of the program concentrations and submit  a graduate application to The Graduate School, official transcripts of all college work, and if seeking advanced certification or Rank change, a copy of their teaching certificate.

 The admission decision by program faculty is based on a review of the full set of admission documents. Applicants should strive to provide evidence of potential for completion of the degree and success in the field of library media education.

Additional Admission Requirements for Students Seeking Initial Certification:

Students who do not have teacher certification and are seeking initial certification in LME must meet the qualifying score on the GRE or PPST as required by Professional Education for admission to the LME program. Students are also expected to apply for admission to Professional Education within the first semester of admission to the LME program and complete all Professional Education admission requirements. Information regarding the requirements for admission to Professional Education may be found here and by contacting Stephanie Wimsatt.

Non-Degree Seeking Status: Applicants may enroll as non-degree seeking students in a maximum of 12 semester hours while awaiting approval for admission to the program pending completion of their admissions packets. No more than 12 hours of graduate coursework taken as a non-degree seeking student at WKU can be used to fulfill program and research tool requirements for the MS degree.

All applicants enrolled as non-degree seeking students must contact a member of the LME faculty for advisement prior to enrolling in any graduate courses.

How to Apply

Students interested in the MS LME program must complete an online application with WKU Graduate Studies. Follow these instructions to complete the application correctly:

On the Online Application form select "New" application and complete the information required. When you reach the Planned Course of Study page follow these steps depending on your interest area:

  1.  MS LME Degree (083): Select "Masters" and "Library Media Education" if you are interested in the M.S. LME. Select Educational Technology "LMET" or Library Media Education "LMLM" as your concentration depending on your interest
    Remember: The Library Media Education Program is the certification program for school librarians. The Educational Technology program provides the Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement along with the master's degree.
  2. Rank I LME program (0429): Select "Rank I" and "Library Media Ed"
    Remember: This program is for students who hold a master's degree  with ICT Endorsement, or a master's degree in Library Science, Library Media Education or Educational Technology. Students who do not meet this requirement are not eligible for this program!
  3. Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement (KCT): Select "Certification" and "Certification Only - Tchr Ed" and then "Kentucky Computer Technology"
    Remember: 4. This is for students seeking ONLY the ICT Endorsement with no other degree or Rank program.
  4. Educational Technology Certificate : Select "Certificate" and "Educational Technology"

The M.S. in Library Media Education requires a minimum of 30 semester hours plus a research course/tool for a total of 33 hours. Students may transfer up to nine hours of graduate coursework into the LME program with the approval of their advisor. There are certain conditions under which the research tool may be waived. Students must contact the program advisor regarding these conditions.

There are two concentration areas to choose from: the Library Media Specialist focus and the Educational Technology focus. Requirements for each are listed below:

Library Media Specialist Concentration:

The LMS concentration prepares professionals for work in information service organizations like public libraries, library media centers in P-12 schools, and positions as library assistants in college and university libraries. A program of study in information services can be planned to meet the certification requirements for school library media specialists in Kentucky and other states. It also meets the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives requirements for certification for the Professional Certificate II for public librarians.

Educational Technology Concentration:

The Educational Technology Concentration prepares professionals who work with training and development specialists to incorporate technology into instruction/training, who serve as trainers of employees in the use of technology, and who are certified teachers that are educational technology specialists in P-12 settings. The Educational Technology Certificate is indicated on the university transcript and can be obtained by certified teachers and non-certified students. Certified teachers may obtain the Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement P-12 through the Educational Technology Concentration.

Initial Certification as School Media Librarian in Kentucky:

A person with no prior teacher certification at the undergraduate level can obtain the certification as a P-12 School Media Librarian in Kentucky with the LMS Focus. Eligibility for initial certification requires students be admitted to Graduate School and Teacher Education at WKU. The process for being admitted to Teacher Education is based on gaining acceptance to the LME program and completing an admissions packet for Teacher Education. Completion of the LME program certifies the individual only as a P-12 LMS in Kentucky and not as a classroom teacher. See the WKU advising page for Teacher Education admission forms.

Changes in Kentucky Teaching Ranks:

The certification programs offered by the Master of Science in LME may be used to obtain the Rank II and Rank I status by Kentucky certified teachers. If a student earned a master’s degree in their Rank II program and then completes a Rank I certification only program, 60 unduplicated hours must be earned to obtain the Rank I status. However, if a student completes a Rank II certification only program and a Rank I certification only program, 62 hours must be earned to obtain the Rank I.

Kentucky Public Library Certification:

The information services (LMS) concentration meets the requirements of the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives Professional Certificate II for Library Directors serving a population of more than 15,000.

Program Accreditation:

The Library Media Education Program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Association for Educational Communication Technology (AECT). It is recognized by the American Association for School Librarians (AASL) as a nationally recognized master’s program for the preparation of school library media specialists.

Please visit the Library Media Education website for additional certification requirements and information on the professional portfolio process:wku.edu/lme.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Certain courses may offered on a rotating basis, so please plan your program of study carefully. A complete schedule of course offerings is available atwku.edu/lme/mastercours.php. Contact Marge Maxwell, the academic advisor for the program, for additional information on course offerings at marge.maxwell@wku.edu or call (270) 745-3446.

For advising information, forms required for the LME program, and additional information about the program itself, visitwku.edu/lme.

General Eligibility

Financial Aid includes grants and loans for educational purposes. The government requires the student to file a form online to the government agency for this purpose which is called FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov  to apply. Once that form is completed and filed, the student will receive an email from WKU about the status. All financial aid comes through the WKU Student Financial Aid office and they communicate mostly through email. The email will explain all the grants and/or loans that are available to the student and how to receive the money.

Nearly all students are eligible for some form of financial assistance. In fact, over 90% of the students who applied for financial aid in recent years received an award offer. Every effort is made to assist you and your family in obtaining the resources necessary to meet the difference between the total cost of attending Western Kentucky University and your ability to contribute toward your education.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance (loans, grants, scholarships, veteran's benefits) the first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov. Please refer to the Financial Aid Guide for additional information and complete instructions.

Please keep in mind, student must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to qualify for financial aid. For additional information on receiving, and keeping your financial aid, please refer to the WKU Financial Aid website to review the complete policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress atwku.edu/financialaid/sap.php.

Eligibility for On Demand

On Demand courses may also be covered by financial aid if the student has met basic eligibility requirements and has a current FAFSA on file. Students must fill out an On Demand Agreement found on the WKU Financial Assistance website. Students receiving financial aid must complete their course(s) in the current semester. For more information please contact the Student Financial Assistance office at (270) 745-2755.

Veterans and Active Military

All college courses offered by On Demand have been approved for veterans and other persons eligible under the provisions of the GI Bill. Each student must assume the responsibility for submitting the proper forms to assure payment of appropriate entitlements. Please contact the Veterans Coordinator in Student Financial Assistance.

Department Contact

Program Coordinator: Dr. Marge Maxwell
Phone: (270) 745-2435
Email: marge.maxwell@wku.edu
Web: wku.edu/lme/

WKU Online

Email: learn.online@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-5173
Toll-Free: (888) 4WKUWEB / (888) 495-8932
Website: wku.edu/online 

The Graduate School

Email: graduate.school@wku.edu
Phone: (270) 745-2446
Website: wku.edu/graduate 


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