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Online Electives for Elementary Education

Specialization Component: Elementary Education

The Specialization Component for the MAE in Elementary Education requires 15-21 hours, and allows students considerable flexibility in choosing their course work. The courses in this area will be selected by the candidate based on individual needs, content areas and/or areas of professional growth. The following pre-approved courses are available in an online delivery format:

BIOL 507

 Biology for Elementary Teachers

CNS 580

 Family Life Studies

ELED 505

Advanced Materials and Methods in Modern Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

ELED 506

 Seminar in Elementary School Science

ELED 507

Advanced Materials and Methods in Social Studies

EDU 507

Geography for Teachers (Crosslisted with GEOS 507)

EDU 522

Foundations of Differentiated Instruction

EDU 524

Educational Assessment

EDU 544

Teaching Strategies

GTE 536

Needs Gifted/ Students

LME 410G


LME 411G

Creative Media Experiences for Children

LME 518

Advanced Children's Literature

LTCY 519

Foundations of Reading Instruction

LTCY 524

Content Area Literacy

MATH 507

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

PH 468G

Sexuality Education

PH 481G

Environmental Health

PSY 510

Advanced Educational Psychology

*Other courses may be selected with permission of advisor, teacher certification officer and the Graduate School & Research.

Content Course for Elementary Education Specialization

The Elementary Education Specialization component requires one three credit hour content course, to be chosen from the list of pre-approved content electives. This list is below:

Online Content Electives
  • AMS 465G
  • BIOL 507
  • CNS 580
  • CNS 586
  • ECON 505
  • EXED 516
  • EXED 532
  • EXED 610
  • GEOG 507
  • ID 570
  • ID 573
  • ID 577
  • ID585
  • JOUR 481G
  • LME 411G
  • LME 518
  • LME 535
  • LME 537
  • LME 545
  • LME 547
  • LME 550
  • LME 737
  • LTCY 519
  • LTCY 524
  • MATH 507
  • PH 465G
  • PH 467G
  • PH 468G
  • PH 481G
  • PH 586

Students may also elect to take advisor approved courses from the following areas: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Economics, Educational Leadership, English, Leadership, Folk Studies, Geography, Geology, Government, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Theatre. For additional information on online course availability within these areas, students will need to refer to the Schedule of Classes or contact the department where the course originates.

Students may incorporate course work from any of the following online endorsements for specialization electives: Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement; English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement; Environment Education Endorsement; Gifted and Talented Teaching Endorsement: Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement, or other approved endorsements.

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