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Spanish Students from WKU participating in the KIIS Semester Abroad in Spain


Spanish Major (36 hours)

Four-year suggested program of study

Effective in summer 2006, students must earn a "C" or better in any Modern Language course included among those that count toward the major or minor. This policy will apply to all students who submit a degree program after the end of the spring 2006 semester.

Please note that the following are general templates for your language major. If you begin your course of study at WKU at a level higher than first-semester language, if you gain CLEP OR AP credit, or if you study abroad, you can gain extra credit and progress through this program more quickly than indicated below.

All students graduating with a major in Spanish will be required to complete a written and oral assesment during the last academic year of their language studies.

Summer between sop. and jr. or jr. and sr. years: KIIS or other program abroad strongly recommended (3-6 hours)

Second year

First semester

SPAN 201 Intermed. Spanish I * (3 hours)

Second semester

SPAN 202 Intermed. Spanish II * (3 hours)

Semester or year abroad during junior year strongly recommended (12 hours or more)

Third year

Fall semester

One of these courses must be taken as first upper division course.

SPAN 371 Spanish Comp& Grammar* (3 hours)
SPAN 370 Spanish Conversation* (3 hours)
SPAN 331 Spanish for Professional Communication (3 hours)

Spring semester

SPAN 371 Span. Comp. & Grammar* (3 hours) or
SPAN 370 Spanish Conversation* (3 hours) or
SPAN 331 Spanish for Professional Communication (3 hours)

Fourth year

Fall semester

SPAN 372 Latin. Amer. Civ. & Cult. (3 hours) or
SPAN 373 Spanish Civ. & Culture** (3 hours)
SPAN 400-level elective (3 hours)

Spring semester

SPAN 374 Lit. & Culture of Spain (3 hours) or
SPAN 376 Lit. & Culture of Latin. Amer.* (3 hours)
SPAN 400-level elective (3 hours)

*This course is required for the major

**One of these two courses is required.


Spanish Minor (30 hours)

Thirty semester hours are required in this minor. Some of the required course work may be accomplished through CLEP or AP credit. Study abroad is strongly recommended.

Required core courses:

SPAN 102 (or equivalent) (3 credits)
SPAN 201 and 202 (6 credits)
SPAN 370 Spanish Conversation (3 credits)
SPAN 371 Spanish Composition and Grammar (3 credits)
SPAN 372 Spanish American Civilization and Culture or SPAN 373 Spanish Civilization and Culture (3 credits)
SPAN 374 Literature and Culture of Spain or SPAN 376 Literature and Culture of Spanish America (3 credits)

(Total credit hours in required core courses 24)

Elective courses: Choose at least two Spanish courses (6 credits) at the 300 or 400 level for a total (including the required courses) of 30 or more credit hours.




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