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Japanese Language Courses

Japan is a cultural, political, and economic world power—even in Kentucky. Japanese companies account for a substantial amount of automotive manufacturing in Kentucky. The Department of Modern Languages currently offers four Japanese language courses (elementary Japanese to intermediate Japanese). Past students represent a range of majors, ranging from anthropology and dance to computer science and finance.

Our daily lives are enriched by Japanese products such as anime, sushi, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Hello Kitty, karaoke, manga, and many more. Japanese culture prioritizes craftsmanship, quality, and consumer satisfaction, whether it's in art, music, or high-end fashion. Japanese pop culture has become popular not only in the United States, but also across the globe.

Set yourself apart by taking on a language known for innovation, design, and creativity in traditional and modern arts.


JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese I

JAPN 102 Elementary Japanese II

JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I

JAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II


Refer to the WKU Course Catalog for the most up-to-date course information.

Students who have studied Japanese show a commitment to the language and are likely to be more competitive for these prestigious awards for intensive language study abroad.


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Study Abroad in Japan

For students who are looking to study abroad, Japan is one of the best options available. The country boasts a low crime rate, secure borders, and an excellent transportation system, making it one of the safest destinations worldwide. Japanese people hold education in high esteem and are eager to share their language and culture with visitors. Every individual finds something that resonates with them, whether it's the neon lights of Akihabara, the towering glass skyscrapers, the shimmering moss in the garden of an ancient temple, or the elegant beauty of a meticulously arranged boxed lunch.


Choose the right study abroad program for you through the Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning.

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Major or Minor in Asian Religions & Cultures

A major or Minor in Asian Religion and Culture pairs well with Japanese languages courses.

The continent of Asia is home to some of the most ancient and formative civilizations in history.  The world's largest religious traditions have their origins on the continent, and Asian peoples have shaped and reshaped how humanity understands itself and the world for centuries.  The Asian Religions and Cultures (ARC) major facilitates understanding of the continent and its peoples, allowing students to understand not only the Asian past but to put current issues and problems into a broader historical, religious, and cultural context. 


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Ready to get started studying Japanese at WKU? Paul Collins is the instructor for Japanese at WKU.
Contact him for questions about placement, departmental exams, scholarships, and study abroad opportunities.



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