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Language Programs: Russian

Have you ever considered studying Russian? Why not? Maybe you think it's too difficult. It is a little more complicated than Spanish, French, and German, but it takes less time to learn than Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. The Russian alphabet (called Cyrillic) looks strange, but once you learn it, you'll read the language easily. Or maybe you think learning Russian is not practical. But did you know that Russian is the second-most common language used on the Internet? It's spoken by 280 million people, and is considered one of the four major world languages.

If you are majoring in business, Russian is the perfect language for you to learn, because since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia has been an enormous untapped market for Western goods and services. Several thousand companies worldwide have already opened branches in Russia, and many citizens of other countries go there to do high-paying jobs. While there, they have the chance to learn about one of the most complex and fascinating European countries.

The U.S. government has designated Russian a "critical language" for U.S. national security and economic competitiveness.

If you have Russian on your CV, you will have something few others do, and it could create new opportunities for you. Also, it shows that you aren't afraid of a challenge, not afraid to get off the beaten path.

If you take on the challenge of learning the language of the largest country in the world, you will become immersed in an extraordinary history and culture. Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Kandinsky, and even Yul Brynner—they all wrote and spoke Russian. Russians have been at the forefront of classical music, ballet, and art for centuries, and you can become part of it!

Take a chance. Take Russian!

RUSS 101 Elementary Russian I

RUSS 102 Elementary Russian II

RUSS 201 Intermediate Russian I

RUSS 202 Intermediate Russian II

The minor requires seven courses, for a total of 21 credit hours. Students in this minor construct their programs of study around two components.  The two components are:

Area-Specific requirements

Students will complete 9 credit hours from the list of existing approved courses: HIST 338, HIST 438, PS 367, and PS 369. Courses in this category must represent at least two different departments.

Russian Language Requirement

To fulfill this requirement, students will complete Russian language courses at the beginner and intermediate level: RUSS 101, 102, 201, and 202.

Students in the minor are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs in Russia and/or Eastern Europe. For more information, visit Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning

For additional information regarding this minor, contact Dr. Laura McGee at 270-745-5900 or laura.mcgee@wku.edu.

More information about the minor can be found here.

The Russian Club meets several times each semester for movies, meals, parties, and even goes to occasional concerts and off-campus events. Joining the club is a great way to find friends with similar interests while continuing to learn about Russian language and culture. Contact Russian Club Advisor Ekaterina Myakshina for more information.

Learn about study abroad opportunities through the Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning 

Take a course related to Russia, such as those offered in the History and Political Science departments.

Consider applying for a Critical Languages Scholarship.

Would you like to know more about studying Russian at WKY? Professor Ekaterina Myakshina, coordinates the Russian curriculum at WKU. Contact her for questions about placement, departmental exams, and study abroad options.




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