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Chinese Major, Certificate, and Minor Programs

Rich with culture and tradition, Chinese is the oldest continuously written language in the world. As a global powerhouse, China is on pace to surpass the U.S. as the world's largest economy in 20 years. A variety of career options are open to those who have solid Chinese language skills: university scholars, teachers, international affairs, law, diplomacy, international business and trade. The Chinese Program in the Department of Modern Languages offers a major, certificate, minor, and Flagship program in Chinese Language. Many of our Chinese majors combine language skills with knowledge of another discipline to prepare for successful careers. 


Chinese majors combine language skills with knowledge of another discipline to prepare for successful careers.

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Our Chinese Flagship program is sponsored by The Language Flagship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program within the Defense Language and National Security Education Office. Flagship focuses on supporting students in reaching a Superior, or professional, level of Chinese proficiency, as determined by the ACTFL scale, during their undergraduate career. 

Students enroll each year in a minimum of 8 Chinese credits (Fall and Spring). Summer or Winter term domestic or international programs can add an additional 3-8 credit hours. Classes meet five days per week (seminar + drill/lab) during the regular semester. Students also receive weekly one-on-one tutoring with native speakers. All Chinese Flagship courses count toward Honors College credit requirements.

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This certificate program prepares graduates for careers in a Chinese-speaking market. A total of 21 credit hours are required in this certificate. Twelve credit hours of core courses develop basic Chinese language proficiency and cultural expertise, and nine hours of electives provide students the flexibility to tailor the certificate to support their professional interests. Some of the required course work may be accomplished through approved methods for demonstration of previous knowledge. Students must earn a C or better in courses for the certificate.

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The minor in Chinese requires 30 credit hours. Some of the required coursework may be accomplished through approved methods for demonstration of previous knowledge.

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We have worked attentively to build our curriculum around your needs as a learner of Chinese.

Every Chinese class will engage you in interactive language learning experiences and hands-on cultural activities. 




Students studying abroad.

Study Abroad 

We offer full semester, bi-term, online and study abroad Chinese courses throughout the year. One course may meet your needs better than the other formats. 

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Chinese Club

The Chinese Club meets regularly for cultural and food events, such as lectures, Chinese arts, tea ceremonies, and excursions – just to name a few. Joining the club is a great way to find friends with similar interests while continuing to learn about Chinese language and culture.


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 Meet Olivia, a Chinese, International Affairs, Asian Religions & Cultures Alum


Triple Major Olivia Blackmon

Olivia encourages all students—regardless of their primary major—to consider studying a language. She emphasizes, “Human communication is at the core of anything important in this world. With increasing globalization, there’s no doubt that language is helpful for any field. We’re all desperately searching for that competitive edge in our careers: Look no further than foreign language.”


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Would you like to be part of our amazing Chinese program? Professor Ke Peng is the Chinese Program Coordinator. Contact her for questions about placement, departmental exams, majoring or minoring, prestigious scholarships, and study abroad opportunities.





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