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WKU File Storage Quotas

WKU File storage is not unlimited and quotas are placed on individual file shares and departmental file shares.  Users are encouraged to actively manage file space and delete files which are no longer necessary.   The following are the default storage quotas:

Individual File Storage
P: Drive

1 GB


Departmental File Storage*
S: and U: Drives

500 GB


Individuals and departments can request additional storage by calling the ITS Service Desk. Departments using in excess of the default storage quota will be charged a per gigabyte fee for additional storage. The current charge structure is as follows:

$1.00 per 1 gigabyte per year. These fees will be billed annually at the beginning of the fiscal year in July. If more storage is requested during the fiscal year, a prorated charge will be accessed and billed based on the amount of storage requested and the remaining months in the fiscal year.

Example:A department using 1.5 Terabytes of data on July 1 will be charged for 1 terabyte. (1.5 Terabytes – 500 GB (Allotted Quota) = 1 terabyte in excess of 500 GB quota. 1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes X $1.00 / GB = $1000. So the department would be charged $1000 as the annual fee for excess storage.

Individuals requesting more file storage for personal files on the P: Drive will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Determination regarding assessment of additional fees will depend on use case and whether or not the requesting party is a student or an employee. Charges for employees who require storage beyond the allotted quota on the P: Drive could be assessed to the employee’s department depending on the situation.

* Departmental File Shares are defined as the collective sum of all file storage being used by all the individuals in a given department regardless of location of such files on the S: or U: shared drives.

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