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You may be wondering, “What can I do with an English Degree?”

Liberal arts majors in general, and English majors in particular, are ideally positioned to adapt with the marketplace, as it requires accommodating cultural differences, assimilating new ideas, and learning new skills.


The question is not so much "What can you do with an English degree?" as "What can't you do with it?"

English majors develop numerous transferable career skills and can find employment in a wide variety of occupations.

Aside from the fields you may expect to find them in--education, publishing, communications, library work, and journalism--English majors can also find employment in other areas such as management, intelligence work, industry, public service, human resources, lobbying, and professional studies.

Even medical schools seek Liberal Arts majors!

You might be surprised to know that Newsweek reports in their 2010 article "Well-Rounded Docs," medical schools are seeking students with "non-science backgrounds," including English majors. The medical field needs "more well-rounded students who can be molded into caring and analytic doctors," which equates humanities majors.

Also, according to their 2012 article, "Future Law Students Should Avoid Prelaw Majors, Some Say," US News argues that applicants to law school with humanities degrees will have an advantage when taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).


Even if you simply feel compelled to follow your bliss, without knowing exactly what your day job will be, an English major is an excellent choice in today's market. Communication and analytical thinking are valuable skills that will prepare you to adapt to the career shifts that are predicted for 21st century graduates..

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