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arnoldDelaney Holt, 2019

English for Secondary Teachers / Literature

"I love the genuine camaraderie among the English faculty. Each professor is an expert in his or her own field, and they combine to make Cherry Hall an inspiring, enjoyable place to learn. Students who crave knowledge and embrace diversity are perfect additions to the WKU English Department. The English curriculum will introduce you to a variety of perspectives, and your worldview will never be the same."



arnoldShane Wood, 2011


"I would encourage current undergraduate students to take advantage of the expertise and genuine goodheartedness of the people in the English department. WKU has an incredibly special English department. Take advantage of office hours. Get to know your professors. Be known by your professors. Pour into the classroom. Collaborate with your peers. Seek out opportunities. Be intentional. Be relational. Share the wisdom and knowledge you have."

Collin MassieCollin Massie, 2018

Professional Writing

"Any student who has a genuine love for writing should consider WKU’s English Department. I began my experience here from nothing but a basic, if intense, enjoyment for writing. I learned not only more about writing and literature, but more importantly, I learned about myself and what it is that feeds my particular fire for English. And yes, I also learned that I can definitely get a job with an English degree ."

haleyHaley Cade, 2013

Creative Writing

"The [WKU English Department] community is one where you can address issues independent of academics or curriculum and the assistance you receive is directly related to you as a person. In Creative Writing, this attention to self is important, as it directly affects the work you yield as a student and as a writer outside of the classroom.”




Morgan Aldridge, 2019

English for Secondary Teachers / Literature

I have had numerous professors who have gone beyond teaching me: they have helped me with tough papers and projects; advised me in future classes to take; and even taken time out of their busy schedules to talk and really ask how I was doing, even if I was not in class with them that semester.”



Mac Kern, 2013

Professional Writing

“Nearly everything I do [at my current job at KirkpatrickPrice] is tied to the skills I gained at WKU. Dr. Jones especially played a role in my development regarding the formal writing style I use on a daily basis.”                       

Jessica McCormick

Jessica McCormick, 2019

Creative Writing

An English major at WKU is creative, curious, and dedicated. This student should love to learn and explore the world and its limitless perspectives. Someone with an open mind, who enjoys group discussions would feel right at home in Cherry Hall.”


Eileen Ryan, 2010

English for Secondary Teaching

“My English degree gave me the strong content knowledge that I brought to the classroom. I have tested at high levels in teaching preparatory exams on English content knowledge. I focused in literature during my undergraduate degree, and I was then able to focus on pedagogy during my master's degree.”






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