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Goldenrod Poetry Festival

The Goldenrod Poetry Festival is sponsored by the English Club, and is a yearly event. All students are welcome to submit their own original works of poetry. The top ten poets participate in a private workshop with a visiting poet (which changes each year), who also gives a reading during the Goldenrod Poetry Festival. This event is free and open to the public.

The 2022 Goldenrod Poetry Festival will be held Thursday, Apr. 28 at 7 pm in Cherry Hall 125. The guest poet is Whitnee Thorp

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Whitnee Thorp was the 2022 guest poet.

1st Place: Miriam Story -- "Legacy Counting the Rings in a Tree Trunk"

2nd Place: Kayla Spears -- “Would I Betray Feminism for a Paycheck?”

3rd Place: Heather Neidlinger -- “Who We Were.” 


Mackenzie Berry was the 2021 guest poet.

1st Place: Kayla Spears

2nd Place: Noah Powers

3rd Place: Adam Woodard

Honorable Mention: Kaity Kot


Erin Slaughter was the 2020 guest poet.

The 2020 Goldenrod Winners are:

1st Place: Noah Powers

2nd Place: Ella Corder

3rd Place: Sarah Olive


Savannah Sipple was the 2019 guest poet.

The 2019 Goldenrod Winners were:

1st place: Samantha Williams

2nd place: Natalie Turner

3rd place: Aimee Edens


Nathan Spoon was the 2018 guest poet.

The 2018 Goldenrod Winners were:

1st place: Adrian Sanders

2nd place: Iman Zaghariet

3rd place: Cassidy Townsend


Maggie Woodward was the 2017 guest poet.

The 2017 Goldenrod Winners were:

1st place: Natalie Rickman

2nd place: Emily Houston

3rd place: Heather Borders


Gary McDowell was the 2016 guest poet.

The 2016 Goldenrod Winners were:

1st place: Josh Arend

2nd place: Taylor Reyes

3rd place: Bridget Yates


Saeed Jones was the 2015 guest poet, who was present via Skype. 

The 2015 Goldenrod Winners were:

1st place: Derek Ellis

2nd place: Jared Johnson

3rd place: Isiah Fish





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