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Building Emergency Action Plans

A Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) has been developed to ensure the safety of our students, employees and guests should an emergency situation occur.

Using the link "WKU Building Emergency Action Plans," click on the name of the building you wish to see.  If there are any changes that need to be made to these emergency action plans, please contact Bob Austin at 745-2931, bob.austin@wku.edu.








 Disability Assistance

ALWAYS ASK people with disabilities how you can help before attempting any emergency evacuation assistance. Ask how they can best be assisted or moved, and if there are any special considerations or items that need to come with them.

More Information


WKU PD Phone Number COPS

Fire Alarm

The fire alarm system signals a building evacuation.  In tall buildings and buildings with a high occupancy, the alarm system also includes instructional voice announcements.  Silencing of the alarm is not considered an all-clear signal!

C.O.W.S. (off campus)

The Bowling Green/Warren County Emergency Management  maintains the Community Outdoor Warning System (C.O.W.S.)  in Bowling Green and Warren County to alert citizens of threatening weather or other emergencies.  In the event of a tornado warning or other emergency, these warning devices are activated, signaling people who are outside, to seek shelter and information indoors.

Outdoor Warning System (on campus)

WKU maintains a series of outdoor warning speakers on the Main Campus and at the South Campus/Center for Research and Development.  In the event of an emergency, the system will activate with a siren tone, followed by verbal instructions.

WKU Alert Message System

WKU has the capability to send emergency text messages to faculty, staff and student cell phones in the event of an emergency. You may elect to receive these messages by registering your cell phone under the Personal Information tab within TopNet.  You may incur charges for text messages sent to your cell phone depending on your cell phone plan and provider, and you will be responsible for any such charges.  If your cell phone carrier changes, you will need to update your information on TopNet even if you phone or phone number remains the same. In addition, the WKU Alert system will post information on the WKU homepage (www.wku.edu), on WKU’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and News feed.

Emergency Call Boxes

Western Kentucky University has installed Emergency Call Boxes throughout campus and on each floor of both parking structures. By pushing the red button on the call box you will be connected to the WKU Police Communications Center by phone. Your location is displayed on caller ID at the Communications Center.  Pushing the button also activates a blue flashing light on top of the pole. This flashing light draws attention to the area and could prevent further criminal action.


Dialing 9-1-1 from a campus phones will automatically dial The WKU Police Department Communications Center.

9-1-1 calls from cell phones will be directed from the Bowling Green Police Dept. to the WKU Police.  If you need to call 9-1-1, there is no problem with using your cell phone; just realize that your call will be transferred to the WKU Police Communications Center.


An All-Clear may be given by a member of the WKU Police, on the WKU homepage at https://www.wku.edu/, by the WKU Alert system, or WKU social media sites.


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