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Utilities Failure Emergency Procedures

Electrical Power Failure

  • Emergency lighting will illuminate hallways, stairwells and exit signs in the event of an electrical power failure.  Emergency lighting may not last the duration of the electrical power failure.
  • In buildings serviced by emergency generators, the emergency generator will NOT operate elevators.  Do NOT use the elevators in an emergency when power might fail.  
  • The Building Coordinator will report power outage to BGMU to ask the nature of the outage and how long the power will be off.  If there is not sufficient daylight to allow an eventual safe exit from the building, occupants should relocate to a lobby area or evacuate while emergency lighting is still illuminated.
  • Faculty can decide whether to continue or dismiss classes based on available information.  If the decision is made by the Provost to close the building, the Building Coordinators will inform building occupants.
  • Realize that an electrical power failure may be caused by a downed power line, transformer fire, or other situation that creates a hazard.  When exiting a building during a power failure, make a brief survey to determine if your travel path is safe.

Elevator Entrapment

  • Stay calm.  Elevator occupants can push the button to activate the emergency speaker phone that is a direct line to the WKU Police Department.
  • If you hear occupants trapped in an elevator, call WKU Police at 270-745-2548.

Flooding/Water Leakage

  • Remember that wet surfaces are slippery.
  • Stay clear of electrical cords and equipment.
  • During regular business hours report the incident to Facilities Management at 745-3253. After regular business hours call WKU Police at 745-2548.

Natural Gas Leak

  • For small leaks call WKU Facilities Management at 745-3253.  If you are unable to reach WKU Facilities Management, call WKU Police Department at 911 or 270-745-2548.
  • For strong leaks, evacuate the building and call WKU Police Department at 911.

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