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Bomb Threat Emergency Procedures

Bomb threat by telephone

  • Don’t hang up.  Keep person on the telephone as long as possible.
  • Get the attention of another person. 
  • Give them a note saying,  “BOMB THREAT – Call 911”
  • Write down what is displayed on your Caller ID.
  • Get as much information as possible using bomb threat checklist (next page).
  • The WKU Police will tell you whether to evacuate all or part of the building. 
  • If evacuation is necessary, follow the evacuation procedure.

o   Gather at the outdoor emergency assembly area designated for the building.

o   Report unfamiliar items you saw on your way out of the building to a WKU Police Officer.

  • WKU Police and/or authorized emergency responders will search the building.

Bomb threat by card, letter, or email

  • If the threat is by letter, put it down and do NOT handle it any further.
  • If the threat is by e-mail, STOP using your computer, and leave it on as is.
  • Call WKU Police at 270-745-2548 or 911.

Suspicious letter, package, abandoned backpack, briefcase etc.

  • Do NOT touch the item. If you have already handled the item do not handle further.
  • Isolate the item. Leave the immediate area and alert others to do the same.
  • Call WKU Police Department at 911 or 270-745-2548.
  • Anyone who touched the parcel/letter should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.  Wash any other body parts that may have touched the package. Remove contaminated clothing. Anyone in contact with the parcel should remain isolated in an area adjacent to the original location and wait for additional instructions from emergency responders.

Bomb Threat Checklist

Bomb Threat Checklist

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