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Plan and Practice Your Escape!

Building Emergency Evacuation Plan

Evacuation routes are posted in visible places throughout the building.  When the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building.  

Evacuation Procedure:

  • Alert others around you.
  • Shut down any operations which may create additional hazards if left unattended, if you can do so without endangering yourself. (Bunsen burner, etc.)
  • Take your coat or jacket, umbrella, purse/wallet, keys, and cell phone with you.
  • Help those who need assistance, especially physically challenged persons, in evacuating or relocation to an area of safe refuge.  Untrained personnel should not attempt to carry disabled persons. Only trained professionals should conduct stairway evacuation of wheelchair users.  Do not move injured persons unless absolutely necessary.
  • Close your doors.  Do not take the time to lock or unlock doors.  Just shut the door and continue with the evacuation.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit. Walk, do not run. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS!  If the stairs are involved with fire or smoke, or otherwise obstructed, use an alternate escape route. You should be familiar with at least two distinct exit routes from your work place.
  • Once outside, move away from the building and to the primary assembly area.  Inform a WKU Police Officer of:

o   The name (if known) and location of persons you know are still in the building. If known, indicate the reason for their remaining, i.e. injuries, trapped, physically challenged persons in areas of refuge, etc.

o   Provide any information observed about the emergency condition on your way out of the building, e.g. visible flames, smoke, odors, spills, structural collapse, sounds, etc.

o   Alert a WKU Police Officer to any conditions, left upon your evacuation, from your work area that might endanger emergency responders or other personnel.

  •  Remain at the assembly area until directed otherwise. Regardless of the nature of the incident, information related to the length of interruption or estimates of re-entry will be generally available from the WKU Police Department, when available from emergency responders.
  • If you are unable to leave a building that is being evacuated:

o   Alert someone evacuating the building of your inability to leave. Advise them of your name, department, and location. Make sure they understand that they need to advise a WKU Police Officer of the situation.

o   If you are injured or trapped, remain where you are so that rescue can be attempted by emergency responders.

  •  You may not require anyone to remain inside a building that is being evacuated. Classes in session must evacuate as directed above.
  •  Do not re-enter the building for any reason, even if the alarm silences, until an all-clear is given by the WKU Police Department.

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