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Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program

Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program

At Western Kentucky University, the Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program (REDTP) is committed to increasing the number of teachers in Kentucky classrooms through recruitment and retention efforts. The program is dedicated to assisting students who are pursuing teacher education as a major and collaborates with the Kentucky Department of Education and area school districts in bringing resources together. The Coordinator of the Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program encourages all interested persons to explore the various programs within the School of Teacher Education by referring them to view WKU School of Teacher Education’s  Become a Teacher webpage.

There are several opportunities offered through the REDTP, which is housed in Gary Ransdell Hall in the Office of Professional Educator Services. 

Along with scholarship opportunities, the center provides helpful resources for students such as assistance in preparing for the Praxis state required assessments, résumé writing, interviewing skills, and professional development. The office also serves as a support program for under-represented education students at WKU.

The REDTP plans campus visits for middle and high school students as well as community colleges to speak with students who have an interest in teaching as a career. If you would like to bring a group for a campus visit to learn more about WKU and the teacher education program, or if you would like for someone to come to your school and speak, simply let us know by contacting us using the information to the right.

Programmatic Support

REDTP is committed to its students. The coordinator of REDTP offers guidance when applying to Western Kentucky University. This program provides a voucher for the initial application, a voucher for the TOP application, FAFSA assistance, and an ACT waiver. 

  • Voucher for initial application
  • Voucher for TOP Application
  • FAFSA Information
  • ACT Waiver

REDTP values the student’s of Western Kentucky University and is here to ensure each individual’s success. The Individual Advising includes but is not limited to community partnerships, Praxis assistance, job placement support, financial assistance, and general academic and personal support needed by students.

  • At Western Kentucky University, we believe in community involvement. Through REDTP, students will visit surrounding schools and give presentations about education programs. 
  • Schools visits, recruitment events.
  • Because Praxis tests are required for many programs offered through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, REDTP provides a Praxis CORE Fee waiver and Praxis preparation and resources for all students. 
  • Praxis CORE is the initial exam to be accepted into the Educators Program- it is advised to take it the first year of college (ets.org)
  • Praxis CORE Fee Waiver
  • Praxis Preparation and Resources
  • As students prepare to enter the workforce, REDTP acknowledges the efforts made to secure a job. Because of this, the coordinator of REDTP works closely with   one of our partnering school district’s Teacher Diversity Recruiter to support the success of each student.  . 
  • Michael Coleman - Warren County Teacher Diversity Recruiter
  • Maybe also list contacts for Community College here too? I also think leaving Mr. Coleman’s name out of this is important as things change. You can link the title Warren County Teacher Diversity Recruiter to his email but without naming him. Same with the comm. College contact.

The CEBS Student Ambassadors serve as public relations and promotional representatives to academic programs within the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences at Western Kentucky University. The CEBS Ambassadors assist the College departments at events such as open houses, college fairs, campus preview days and the Topper Orientation Program (TOP). Additionally, members provide campus and building tours, participate in CEBS events, and serve as peer mentors to other students, as needed.

CEBS Ambassadors page: https://www.wku.edu/cebs/ambassadors/index.php
  • Mission YMLA is a college preparation and recruitment initiative, which develops leadership skills in young males of diverse backgrounds by exploring the teaching profession
  • Objectives 
  • To promote the goals of the Office of Professional Educator Services which include: 
  •  To increase the awareness of teacher opportunities and the rewards associated with the profession; 
  •  To establish a pipeline of minority students interested in the teaching profession; 
  • To provide mentoring opportunities for underrepresented male populations in the teaching profession; 
  • To enhance the educational preparedness of students interested in the teaching profession
    • YMLA Activities 
      • Saturday Sessions - Educational Field Experience - College Preparation - Leadership Development
      • Book Studies
      • State Educators Rising Conference
      • YMLA Summer Camp 
      • National Educators Rising Conference
The mission of WKU Project L.I.F.E. is to empower Latino students to take on leadership roles and realize their full potential at GEO International High School to prepare them for college and beyond.

The values of Project LIFE are to promote leadership skills, provide opportunities for students to become independent, help students focus on their future, and empower students to make informed and responsible decisions.




Gary A. Ransdell Hall, Office 1092

1906 College Heights Blvd. #11030,
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1030

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