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NPO Incentive Program

Our Guarantee

WKU Concessions guarantees all non-profit organizations the following amount depending on the location being worked:

  • $600/ per game per stand for the Larger Stands
  • $400/ per game for Smaller Stands
  • $200/ per game for Portables (must run 2 per game)

Requirements to Get Our Guarantee:

  • Minimum of 6-8 volunteers per game
  • Every Eligible member of your group is TIPS trained
  • Volunteers have appropriate trainings on gameday (3 TIPS per stand with alcohol sales)

*If NPO cannot meet these requirements then the NPO forfeits the right to this guarantee and will revert to the 9% of total sales in the stand for the game. Inventory must still be completed at the conclusion of the game, reductions will be taken out of the Guarantee (any cash shortage, lack of volunteers, and/or discrepancy in inventory.)



Attending Trainings**

  • $30/ per person to the organization for becoming Tips Certified
  • $20/ per person to the organization for on-site training of the concession stand

**Will be paid as a one-time bonus after the first home game. Maximum payout of $600 per organization for trainings can be earned.

Complete Season Bonus

  • $600 to each organization who meet the set forth requirements*** and work all 6 home games.
    • Will be pro-rated if there is any change of schedule during the season ($100/game)

*** Any game WKU Concessions is required to provide support staff to properly run a stand will be a $200 deduction from the Complete Season Bonus.

Referral Program

  • If a NPO Group refers another group/team/organization that is approved by WKU Concessions, the referring group will receive up to $300 ($50 per game that referred group works). This amount will be paid at the conclusion of the season.

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 Last Modified 12/30/21