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Moon Landing



Join us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with a full day of FREE activities!

 Saturday, July 20th

Location: WKU Hardin Planetarium 

Activities include movie screenings, planetarium shows, trivia contests, hands-on challenges, and more. See the most up-to-date information about the festival on WKU Hardin Planetarium's website.


Location: Ogden College Hall Auditorium (OCH 1006)
Audience: Teen and Adult

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Location: Hardin Planetarium Starchamber
Audience: Pre-K - 6th Grade
Times: 1:30 – Max Goes to the Moon [video of Jeff Bennett’s picture book]
  4:15 – Max Goes to the Moon [video of Jeff Bennett’s picture book]
Location: Hardin Planetarium Starchamber
Audience: Teen and Adult
Times: 2:45 – Excerpt from Fountain Square Players’ Footsteps to the Moon
  3:30 – excerpt from Fountain Square Players’ Footsteps to the Moon
  7:00 – Footsteps to the Moon, Fountain Square Players
  8:15 – Fly Me to the Moon, a play by Andrea Brunello
Location: Kelley Thompson Hall (KTH 2038)
Audience: Teen and Adult
Times: 5:50 - 6:50

Moon Landing Map


Moon Landing Festival

Diverse offering of games, challenges, and hands-on exhibits for the whole family to enjoy.

As indicated by numbers in the map above.

    Distribute maps, Lunar & Apollo Word Searches, Moon Landing BINGO, and comic book pages

  2. Telescope Petting Zoo
    Supervise participants as they interact with different telescopes – Galileo Scope refractor, Newtonian & Dobsonian reflectors, Celestron

  3. Solar observing
    Provide safe solar viewing opportunities - solar viewing filter, Sunspotter, Coronado solar scope

  4. Sort Moon Phase Images
    Assist participants as they correctly order the 12 laminated images of moon phases

  5. Moondance
    Use coins to model the Moon’s rotation on its axis, then “dance” with partner to demonstrate.

  6. Moon Jump and Weight on Moon
    Weight depends on gravitational field, so 1/6 Earth weight on Moon. Vertical jump (difference between mark of max reach vs. of highest jump) is 6x greater on Moon

  7. Crash Landing emergency kit contents
    Determine importance of including given items into survival kit for Moon

  8. Moon rise/set times, How much sunlight will Moon Colony receive?
    Guide participants to switch from perspective of illumination on Moon as we see it from Earth, to the length of a “day” for someone located on Moon

  9. Timeline for Moon Formation
    Participants sort laminated cards to rank timeline of events for Moon’s formation, life on Earth

  10. Reading Corner – Warren County Public Library

  11. Mythbusters
    Participants categorize statements as true or false, so laminated pieces complete puzzle

  12. UnMixing the Moon’s Interior
    Bottle w/ corn syrup, small beans and aquarium gravel is shaken to mix, then differentiates

  13. Compressed Air Launched Rocket
    Guide participants in construction & testing of rockets launched with compressed air system

  14. Splat! Impacts on the Moon
    Compare size of water balloon to size of splash (crater) it creates

  15. Light & Shadow - Science in Play2GO

  16. Clay model of Earth & Moon
    After querying participants regarding the relative sizes and separation of Earth and Moon, use clay to produce scale model.

  17. Walk the path of Armstrong and Aldrin
    Participants walk actual scale paths of astronauts on Apollo 11 ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA).

  18. Puff Rocket construction booth
    Guide participants in construction & testing of “puff rockets” launched w/straws

  19. Yardstick model of Earth and Moon
    Place available spheres onto yardstick at correct distance, simulate lunar eclipse w/sunshine

  20. Resolve Features on Moon
    Provide experience with binoculars and/or Galileo Scope as participants attempt to resolve identity of objects “hidden” on Moon map on EBS window

  21. Pipehenge
    Self-guided experience of features of this sculpture / climbing bars / naked eye observatory (sundial, varying path of Sun through year, north pole star).

  22. Treasure Chest
    Answer questions of all sorts for attendees; review effort on Word Search, BINGO, and comic book challenges; and provide rewards (NASA bags, posters, stickers, etc.)

As indicated by letters in the map above.

A. Food Trucks

B. Planetarium, Theater Shows

C. Trivia, KTH 2038

D. Cinema, OCH 1006

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