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Teach at Harlaxton College

WKU is partnered with the University of Evansville to offer teaching and learning opportunities at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. Each semester, a cohort of WKU students joins students from multiple American universities to study and live in this residential college. They are taught by permanent British faculty and numerous visiting American faculty, including WKU faculty members. To learn more general information about Harlaxton College, please visit Harlaxton College's website at: https://harlaxton.evansville.edu/.

Teaching options for WKU faculty include fall, spring or summer terms, as well as summer faculty-led programs (FLPs) based at Harlaxton. 

Below you will find information that applies to teaching appointments at Harlaxton, as well as application and compensation information for specific terms.

There are distinctive expectations for visiting faculty members at Harlaxton College. In addition to teaching class, the college follows the British system in that faculty live and eat with students, which creates a particularly rewarding but intense environment. While there are tremendous opportunities for professional and personal growth at Harlaxton College, the purpose of a faculty appointment to Harlaxton College is to facilitate the students' academic growth in a residential-college environment. Additionally, visiting faculty are expected to help with the recruitment of WKU students and faculty to Harlaxton College both before and after their appointments.

Harlaxton College Visiting Faculty

Please note that an appointment as a Harlaxton College visiting faculty member during fall or spring is predicated on the continued permission of the faculty member's department and college. The faculty member's department and college may cancel or delay the appointment, depending on their staffing needs.


Fall and Spring

(mid May – June)

Course load

3 courses

1 course


Courses must be based on the University of Evansville's current course catalogue

(note: an associated lab would be in addition to the expected three courses).

Salary / Stipend *

Standard WKU salary and benefits

Stipend: $500 per student enrolled in your class

International Travel Expenses

Up to $1,500 in reimbursement for approved travel expenses (defined by WKU Policy 3.1014).

$100 added to stipend for each WKU student enrolled in your class

Housing and Meals

Included for faculty member and family

Covered for faculty member. Once course enrollment reaches 10, housing and meals for a spouse or partner will also be covered. Housing and meals for additional family members must be paid by the faculty member.

* The Summer stipend is designed to provide an incentive for the faculty member to recruit from the home campus.

Application Process

All full-time, tenured or tenure-track WKU faculty are eligible to apply.

Selection Timeline
See guidance and application attached here.

Criteria for Selection

WKU faculty teaching at Harlaxton College are an important component of WKU's efforts to create significant professional international opportunities for its faculty. By teaching and living in an English residential college for a full semester, WKU faculty members can learn new pedagogical practices, create or extend an international professional network, deepen their international experience, and possibly pursue research opportunities.

WKU faculty will thus be selected to serve as a Visiting Faculty member at Harlaxton College, in part, based on how significantly the Harlaxton experience would help internationalize a faculty member and the impact this experience may have on the faculty member's career once the faculty member returns to teaching at WKU. Faculty with significant prior international experience are welcome to apply and have previously been selected as a Visiting Faculty member at Harlaxton College; however, this opportunity ideally will help WKU faculty who have limited international experiences and opportunities thus far to gain greater insights that can subsequently be integrated into their teaching and research.

If feasible, applicants are also strongly encouraged to arrange for sabbatical leave either immediately prior to or after serving as a Visiting Faculty member at Harlaxton, thus maximizing time abroad and significantly deepening the professional value of the experience, particularly for research activities. This is not required; however, it will strengthen an applicant's standing.

Applicants are chiefly evaluated based on the strength of the Department Head's and Dean's endorsements and ranking. The University of Evansville, based on their staffing needs for a given semester, makes the final decision.

Faculty who have previously taught at Harlaxton

Contact SAGL Director Caryn Lindsay for more information.

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