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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the address to mail checks and include on proposals being submitted through WKU: 
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd. #11026
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1026
Acting for the President, WKU:
Ranjit Koodali, Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education
Authorized Signatory for Western Kentucky University 
Telephone: (270) 745-4652
Fax: (270) 745-4211
Email: sponsored.programs@wku.edu

WKU's Federal Employer (Entity) Identification Number (EIN): 61-6055628                          

WKU's Dun and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S No.): 07-787-6258                          

WKU's State Sales and Use Tax Number: 0064721                          

WKU's State Withholding Tax Number: 062633                          

WKU's State Corporation Income Tax Number: 616055628                          

WKU's Commercial & Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 7L628                          

WKU's NAICS Code: 611310   

Congressional District: Kentucky 2nd  

KY House District: 20th

KY Senate District: 32nd 

County: Warren   

Type of organization: public, non-profit, educational

Incorporated in: Kentucky

Number of employees (approximately): 730 full-time faculty, 1450 full-time non-faculty

WKU's Carnegie Classification: Doctoral/Professional Universities (D/PU)

Fiscal Year begins on July 1 each year (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 is FY 2021) 

Yearly increases:  In estimating salary for the current budget year, the actual budgeted salary is used. For future budget "out years," the standard operating procedure is to include an anticipated 3% salary increase per project year.

Please email proposal.development@wku.edu for assistance with calculating WKU salaries on grant proposal budgets.

Employee Benefits Schedule for Estimating Grant Proposal Budgets

Effective for New Proposals with Project Periods Beginning after July 1, 2021



Type of Employee

         Total % Fringe if Salary is Reassigned Contract  Effort (Buy-out or Cost-share)         Total % Fringe if Salary is Off-Contract or Summer
Students Classified as Graduate Assistants   0.50%   8.15%                 
Part-time Employees and Hourly Students   8.15%   8.15%
Full-time Faculty paid on Monthly Payroll    39.0%   24.22%
Full-time Administrative (PNF) Staff paid on Monthly or Bi-weekly Payroll (KTRS or ORP Retirement)   46.0%   24.22%

Full-time Support Staff paid on Semi-monthly or Bi-weekly Payroll (KERS Retirement)

  111.0%   N/A
Full-time Sworn Public Safety Officers   66.0%   N/A

These fringe benefit rates are for use ONLY for estimating grant proposal budgets. They are based on current benefit rates and average salaries for each employee classification. The actual amount of fringe benefits charged to a grant award budget depends on numerous variables. These rates are for use only at the proposal writing stage.

If you need a list of which benefits are included for each classification, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at 270-745-4652 or sponsored.programs@wku.edu.

*Part-time employment includes hourly positions that do not average more than 30 hours per week over a 12-month period.  Part-time positions scheduled to work an average of 30 or more hours per week for 6 months or longer are eligible for full benefits at the full fringe rate upon hire.  Different fringe benefit rates are charged for part-time employees who are currently drawing retirement benefits from either KTRS or KERS. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs if you plan to include any of these types of employees in your grant project and we will work with Human Resources to make sure your budget reflects the correct amount for fringe benefits.

Please click this link to open a printable PDF file to see the actual amount of each type of benefit.

Cost sharing occurs when an applicant contributes resources to a sponsored project beyond the amount funded by the sponsor – also known as matching or in-kind contributions.  Any cost share committed to a sponsored project must be documented internally and reported to the sponsor.   

There are various ways to indicate portions of a project's costs to be shared by the institution. This may include:                

  • the value of faculty and staff salary and fringe benefits if not reimbursed by the sponsor                          
  • cash contributions (funds committed from specific accounts, either departmental, college or institutional)
  • space dedicated to the project (the Kentucky Department of Facilities and Support Services has provided the State Facilities Rate for FY21-22)

Mandatory cost share occurs when a sponsor requires cost share from an applicant. The specific requirements will be detailed in the proposal guidelines.                        

Voluntary committed cost share is cost sharing that is not required by law, statute or regulation, nor written in the application guidelines, but is offered by the applicant in a proposal.                        

Under the Federal Uniform Guidance funding agencies are prohibited from considering voluntary committed cost sharing in the merit review process; therefore, offering it in a proposal will not increase the likelihood of an award. WKU discourages the inclusion of voluntary committed cost share.

If a sponsor requires mandatory cost share, a Principal Investigator should seek commitments from his/her department and/or college prior to submitting a request for cost share funds through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Click here for the Mandatory Cost Share Request Form.

Indirect Costs are costs that are necessary to support research and other sponsored projects, but cannot be readily or easily assigned to individual projects. These include costs related to facilities operations (depreciation, utilities, maintenance, security, etc.), libraries, departmental administration, and general administration.  These funds are reinvested in research/scholarly activities to improve the University.

It is WKU’s policy to include full indirect costs (if allowed by the sponsor) on all proposals.

Cognizant federal agency:  DHHS

Date of agreement:  January 7, 2020

Type of agreement:  Predetermined

Effective: From 07/01/20 to 06/30/23

On-campus Rate: 44.0% MTDC

Off-campus Rate: 11.50% MTDC                                                    

Click here to download a copy of the F&A Rate Agreement

The Kentucky Department of Facilities and Support Services has provided the State Facilities Rate for FY21-22.

It is the policy of WKU that any Investigator (that is, any WKU employee responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of a sponsored project at WKU) may be required to disclose significant personal financial interests related to his/her institutional responsibilities pursuant to circumstances specified by this policy.                        

When WKU reasonably determines that the significant financial interest could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct, or reporting of the research, WKU will take steps either to manage or to eliminate any financial conflicts of interest.  

For questions regarding conflicts of interest, please contact: Office of Sponsored Programs, at 270-745-4652.

Click here for WKU's Conflict of Interest policy.

WKU's policies cover a wide range of topics (i.e. workload/compensation, consulting, travel, purchasing, etc.) that might relate to your proposal and/or grant award.

Click here to view WKU's Policies.

For general inquiries regarding compliance or research integrity at WKU, please contact: ORI@wku.edu.

Animal Care and Use

  • Contact: Robin Pyles, Office of Research Integrity, 270-745-3360
  • Animal Welfare Assurance Number (PHS):A3558-01. Effective from September 17, 2004

Human Subjects

  • Contact: Robin Pyles, Office of Research Integrity, 270-745-3360
  • Human Subjects Assurance Number: Call the Office of Research Integrity                                                 

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Contact: Environmental Health and Safety, 270-745-5398

Radiation Safety

  • Contact: Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety, 270-745-7095

Recombinant DNA Molecules & Biosafety

  • Contact: Dr. Rodney King, Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee, 270-745-6910
  • Date of original IBC Registration Approval Letter from OBA - 28 April 2004

Integrity in Research

  • Contact: Robin Pyles, Office of Research Integrity, 270-745-3360

The Faculty Incentive Program (FIP) is an agreement between WKU and the WKU Research Foundation that allows faculty members to receive incentive payments for charging time and effort to extramural sources.

Click here to learn more about FIP.

Click here to learn about other internal funding for faculty.

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