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Proposals Including Subagreements from WKU

to Other Institutions or Agencies

Western Kentucky University (WKU) encourages collaboration between WKU faculty members and those at other institutions. Often,  the collaborative efforts of investigators at other institutions are included in proposals submitted for external funding for research and creative projects.

In order to execute a subagreement to another institution, the Subrecipient Commitment form below must be completed and signed by the Subrecipient's authorized organizational representative (AOR).  A list of additional documents required for proposal submission is provided in Section C of the Subrecipient Commitment Form.  It is the responsibility of the WKU Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure that all Subrecipient documents are secured prior to the WKU proposal submission.





Click HERE for the criteria used in determining the risk of non-compliance in a potential subrecipient.

The Principal Investigator (PI) at the proposed Subrecipient institution is not authorized to submit a proposal directly to WKU on behalf of his/her institution. All forms and attachments must be collected by the office authorized to submit proposals on behalf of the Subrecipient organization/institution before the lead proposal is submitted by WKU to the Prime sponsor. These Subrecipient documents must be received before the WKU budget is complete (i.e., at least one week before the proposal submission date established by the Prime Sponsor).

Subawards are different from vendor contracts issued from a grant award. To learn more about vendor contracts, visit the WKU Purchasing Office Web site at http://www.wku.edu/FinAdmin/Purchasing.

Any questions about Subawards (Subgrants, Subcontracts, or Subagreements) from WKU to another institution or organization should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs at  post.award@wku.edu  or (270) 745-4652.

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