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Contracts & Agreements


Is it a Sponsored Project, Fee for Service, or Research Agreement?

In certain cases, it may be difficult to determine when external funds received by WKU should be administered as a sponsored project, a fee for service activity, or a contract, without a review of WKU policies and procedures. In these cases, the intended use of the funds, the source of the project specifications, the nature of the proposed work, and the need/requirement for a legal binding agreement are all critical components in determining whether they should be managed as sponsored projects, fees for service, or gifts.Unresolved issues and any questions should be referred to the WKU Director of Office of Sponsored Programs (270-745-4652).


Sponsored Project

Generally, whenever WKU agrees (orally or in writing) to provide any goods or services using university facilities or the official time and services of WKU faculty and/or staff, the funds received are to be treated as sponsored project awards to WKU. Sponsored projects occur when WKU or an employee of WKU submits a bid, offer, proposal, or responds (orally or in writing) to a request, announcement, call for proposals, that results in the issuance of an award involving WKU and another party. These awards could be in the form of grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, or a variety of other agreement formats. All proposals for external sponsored project support, regardless of funding source, must be processed through OSP.

To learn more about sponsored projects, please email proposal.development@wku.edu or read more about Pre-Award activities.


Fee For Service

Prior to the sale of any product or service, the responsible unit must establish a schedule of charges that includes applicable facilities and administrative costs (when products or services are offered to external users). All fees collected are to be deposited in a restricted fees fund and shall be used solely for the specific purpose or purposes for which collected.

Fee for service activities, including the establishment of a budget, should be coordinated with WKU Office of Sponsored Programs.  For questions or assistance related to Fee for Service Agreements, please contact Office of Sponsored Programs at (270) 745-4652 or by email to sponsored.programs@wku.edu.

Fee for Service Procedure

Fee for Service Agreement Template  (Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance to revise this form.)

Fee for Service Budget Template


Research Agreements

A Research Agreement is a contract between WKU and a non-federal sponsor for the purposes of funding and conducting research at WKU.  A Research Agreement may be supported by funding from for-profit (e.g. private industry) or non-profit (state or federal government, foundations, etc) sponsors.   For questions or assistance related to Research Agreements, please contact Office of Sponsored Programs at (270) 745-4652 or by email to sponsored.programs@wku.edu.



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