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Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

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Faculty Senate Meeting
Thursday, March 18, 2021 -- 3:45 p.m.

All meeting attendees including senators, advisory members and guests will be
required to register BEFORE March 18th at 3:30 p.m. in order to access the
Zoom meeting. The purpose of registration is to verify attendance and voting
on action items. Once you register, you will receive the meeting information.
Thank you.



For those new to this technology, see: https://www.wku.edu/its/zoom/


Copy of Agenda
A.  Approval of February 2021 Minutes:

1.  Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 2.18.2021

B.  Officer Reports
1.  Chair - Julie Shadoan
2.  Vice-Chair - Daniel Clark
3.  Secretary - Laura Bohuski
C.  Standing Committee Reports:
1.  Academic Quality, Francesca Sunkin: (No report)
2.  Budget and Finance, Guy Jordan: (Report posted)
3.  Colonnade/General Education, Patricia Todd: (Report posted)
4.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibilities, Daniel Clark (Report posted)
5.  Graduate Council, Aaron Hughey: (Report posted)
6.  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Liz Sturgeon: (No report)
D.  Other Committee/Organization Reports:

1.  Faculty Handbook, Laura DeLancey: (Report posted)

a.  Handbook Committee/Faculty Handbook Committee Report 1.27.21

b.  Handbook Committee/Faculty Handbook Committee Report 2.10.21

i.  Handbook Revision (IV.B.4 Extension of the Probationary Period)

ii.  Handbook Revision (IX.F Adjunct Professor)

iii.  Handbook Revision (IX.I Faculty Emeritus)

iv.  Handbook Revision (X.A Faculty Awards)

c.  Handbook Committee/Faculty Handbook Committee Report 2.17.21

2.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership (COSFL), Shadoan/Clark/Spiller:  (No report)

3.  American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Margaret Crowder:  (No report)

E.  Advisory Member Reports:
1.  Faculty Regent, Shane Spiller

2.  Provost, Cheryl Stevens

3.  SGA President, Garrett Edmonds
F.  New Business:

1.  WKU SACSCOC Reaccreditation Update - Rheanna Plemons

2.  Overview of WKU Sexual Violence Response - Deborah Wilkins

3.  WKU Travel Policy and Appeal - John Sunnygard

a.  WKU Travel Policy Proposal

b.  Student Appeal to Travel to Restricted Locations Proposal

G.  Old Business

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