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Student Stories

Student Stories; Each student has a unique story. Discover their success with WKU Distance Learning. Each online student has a unique story. Check out their testimonials below, learn why they chose to study online, and discover their success with pursuing a degree outside the traditional college classroom setting. 

Adam Ashby"I had a rough first semester with web courses. I recovered after my second semester once I understood the work load and how to communicate more effectively. I really enjoyed the ease of working from home at my own pace. Thank you WKU!"

Joseph Bailey"I am an Upper School Math Teacher in Baltimore, MD pursuing a degree in Athletic Administration in order to become an Athletic Director. The best part about WKU's online classes is the flexible schedule that allows me to continue being a full time teacher and coach while I finish my degree! Also, the professors are always available and very helpful. They truly want to see you succeed and are always willing to assist in any way they can. I am proud to call myself a WKU student! GO BIG RED!"

"I chose to study at WKU because it is the only school which offers a graduate certificate in International Student Services. This certificate is only available online. I did not necessarily need the extra flexibility that studying online gives, but the flexibility does allow me to work and volunteer.

The thing I enjoy most about studying online is the ability to set my own hours to study.

For those considering studying online, they should first ask themselves, "Do I have the ability to organize my time well to keep up on my assignments?" Maintaining your grades is the most essential thing."

"As a single mom, studying online has been an amazing opportunity.  During my undergrad here in California I was fortunate to take some online courses offered for one of my majors.  Working full-time and being a full-time student was extremely difficult and whenever a web course was offered I jumped at it. I applied for graduate school at Western Kentucky because the graduate program was offered online. I was so excited to receive an acceptance from Western Kentucky University’s graduate school to become a speech language pathologist.  I love the flexibility of being there for my daughters while taking classes in my pajamas (sometimes :) My girls like that I am home and I don’t have to spend 5 hours away from the house in order to take a 3 hour class on campus. I recently met and became engaged after 12 years of being single.  My fiancé brought up the prospect of moving out of state.  With WKU Online I have the continued flexibility of being home with my daughters while taking classes and I have flexibility to live anywhere and still complete my degree. Finally, I had an amazing experience the other day.  I was not sure how to complete a project and when I emailed my professor, Janice Smith she quickly sent back and email invited me to call.  I called and received immediate instruction and help.  That was so awesome.  have never had this happen at an on campus college.  Thank you so much for hiring the most amazing and helpful teachers. I wish I would have completed my undergrad here! I also love the new interactive design where the teachers are teaching on line, live and we can interact with them. Thank you Western Kentucky for being a leader in online education!!!"

Lacey Brown"Online Learning is the BEST decision I have made during my educational journey. I am currently completing my M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. It is so convenient to be able to continue my education while also staying at home with my beautiful daughter and husband. It is much easier to have class at home in my pj's than it would be to travel to class. I live two hours away from WKU, but I'm still getting a wonderful educational experience!"

"I took an online statistics course. I have never been a student that was great at math. The flexibility with the online schedule gave me time to study statistics at my own pace, with my busy work schedule. I feel like I really grasped the material better than I would have in another course!"

"Online learning has changed not only my life, but also my family’s life. Without it, I could have never gone back to school to pursue first, my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and now my Master’s in Nursing Administration. Because of WKU Online, I am able to provide a comfortable life for my family. I work full time and live in a rural area of Kentucky. Online was the only option for me to be able to pursue my career goals. The ease and flexibility of web classes took the stress out of managing my many obligations of work, school, and family. I have enjoyed learning from other student's perspectives through the discussion boards. The sense of accomplishment I have gained from my education is indescribable. My advice to anyone considering online education is to stop thinking about it and get started."

"Online classes help to decrease the amount of stress I have during the semester, by allowing me to work on my own time whether that’s at 1:00 am or 5:00 pm. I can do it on my lunch break while at work or between classes."

"WKU Online has been an experience for which I will forever be grateful. I have been taking classes online since Fall of 2012 majoring in business. I started college after being out of high school for 30 years and really wasn't sure if I could do it, but I have always instilled in my daughter that education was important. One day my daughter turned the table on me and asked me why I never pursued going to college since I always mention the importance of it, and it really hit home. I began asking myself “why haven’t I?” and of course, I had all the normal excuses, marriage, children, working and just life in general. Then I realized that if really took an effort to take that first step to change the course of your life. I knew once the decision was made I would not be able to actually go to a college campus full-time because of work and family obligations, including caring for my disabled sister-in-law, so I began to look into online classes. WKU was the obvious choice for me, it was the closest to home, it had a wonderful reputation and was highly recommended. I'm not saying it has been easy, far from it. I was so lost in the beginning and wasn't sure of the first steps to take, but I continued inquiring, and before you know it, I was enrolled and on my way. I had no idea what I was getting myself into – what the students graduating high school today know going into their freshman year was a far cry from where I had left off thirty-years prior. It took a lot of determination to get where I am at now, but it was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Getting the opportunity to fulfill the personal goal I have always had is such an achievement for myself, and in turn for my family. I hope to graduate in Fall 2017, and put my degree to good use in a capacity that challenges me to use the skills I have learned from this experience. I have learned to live up to the motto that it is never too late! If I have one thing to recommend to anyone thinking about taking online courses, it is, be prepared to be accountable for your time and effort. Don't expect it to be easy because it’s online. In fact, it’s probably harder, but the result you gain from your hard work and the accomplishment you feel is well worth it."

"WKU Online has been a great opportunity for me. I was able to transfer KCTCS degree credits and still 'attend' WKU from Lexington."

"I looked into various ‘degree finishing’ opportunities before I found WKU’s Online Program. Deciding on WKU was a no brainer – it’s a four-year accredited university and had the best list of online classes available for a student living 1,000 miles away. Working with teachers proved email easy. Grades posted quickly. Everyone was helpful whenever I had a question - administrative, classroom or curriculum. Now, my two-year degree from WKU is on my wall, thanks to WKU’s online learning program. And, I have the opportunity to achieve my WKU four-year diploma the same way. It doesn’t get better than that, living so far away - in Texas."

"I am a returning student and have a family at home and work full time. Online learning is the best way for me to finish my degree on my time frame."

"WKU Online gave me the flexibility that I so desperately needed in order to complete my degree. My senior year I had a class that I needed in order to graduate and all of the on campus options for that class were either full or conflicting with other classes in my schedule. I was worried about what I was going to do, but I finally found the online version of my class and was so relieved. It let me work at my own pace and it fit into my sometimes hectic schedule."

"Just a few thoughts concerning my online experience with WKU.  WOW! Great experience! As a WKU employee, and very non-traditional student, it has enabled me to work on my degree in my own off-work time frame.  Although there are deadlines like any class has, you have more flexibility to sit and learn.  I am able to take notes during a video or podcast and go back and check what I missed. I am able to email the professor with questions, and I have even communicated with online classmates. The teachers have been great and I’ve even met some of them, and got to know them.  They have made themselves accessible by email very well.My interaction with anyone in Online Learning Learning has been a very positive experience, and they have given me quick answers. I plan to continue to use Online Learning more and more, and I appreciate the professional relationship."

"I have wanted to go back to school to expand on my existing degree for some time. Having a family and a full-time job makes it hard to commit to on-campus classes. The ability to take classes online has increased my learning opportunities by allowing me to study remotely and work around my day-to-day responsibilities."

"I chose to take online courses because they are very convenient. Having to attend class every day and arrive on time can be stressful when you are working."

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot through this program. I have wanted a change in career and WKU online programs provided me with the opportunity to learn new skills. I like the flexibility of getting a degree via online because I work full time plus I am raising a family and have other obligations. I enjoyed the experience with the teachers and the classmates that I worked with throughout the program. I believe that if you have the self-discipline of doing your work and are flexible, then online education is for you. In addition, I also teach online courses and being a teacher and student at the same time allowed me to see online learning learning in a new dimension. The class that I struggled with was one with a lot of technology, because you don't have a teacher helping you right away when you run into a problem. However, it also makes you better able to find the solution by yourself. I recommend online education…"

"I decided to get my master’s in athletic administration because I am interested in having a career in athletics. I usually do not enjoy online classes, but so far I have loved this program. I work full time so it works around my schedule and other responsibilities. My teachers have been great and very helpful. They are always able to help with any questions that I have had."

Katharine Quince"I have wanted a graduate degree in Women's Studies for over a decade, but there isn't one offered where I live in Portland, Oregon. I was so excited to find the certificate offered online at WKU and to find that it was compatible with an MA program focused on social justice. The classes in both programs feel like they were tailor made to fit my interests and goals. Enrolling at WKU has been one of the best decisions I've ever made!" 

Samantha Raisor"I decided to pursue WKU in 2014 after a 2 1/2 year break from two previous educational institutions. Prior to my registration, I was certainly hesitant to study as a full-time online student while working full-time. I knew I would have to learn to balance both work and school and anticipated it to be extremely difficult. Since my journey began with WKU, I am often reminded that I made the 'best' decision with my choice in an online education. Until this experience,  never have I received such personable communication from both my professors and administration. I am still "blown away" by how close I feel to the whole WKU community while being over 120 miles away. I encourage future toppers to take a leap of faith with my Topper Family and let them guide you into the next step of your journey. You won't regret it!"

 "I came to WKU to take advantage of the 2+2 program in order to achieve my bachelor’s degree.  I had received my AAS from the KCTCS System the prior semester.  Because I took the majority of my classes online through the KCTCS system, and was successful doing so, I wanted to do the same thing to achieve my bachelor’s degree.  WKU was actually the only school I could find that was offering 100% online courses, as well as a major that interested me and followed suit with my Associates Degree.  Western's Online Learning has allowed me to remain in my home town, and keep my full-time job.  All whilst attaining my Bachelors in just 4 short semesters.  One of my goals in life was to achieve my BS, and after this semester I will have done just that.  Not only this but I will have done it in a discipline that interests me greatly, and I expect will further my professional value by great margins.  Finally, the online learning option has taught me a great deal of knowledge which I will use in my profession, and I bolster the fact the CIT program in which I will be an Alumni is in the top 10 in the nation currently.  Thank you WKU Online for everything, and if I get to the point in my life where I am considering Graduate School, WKU will be one of the first options that I consider!"

 "My brother was the first to go to college and I followed in his footsteps, but it took me a lot longer to accomplish this goal. After joining the military I used my GI Bill to get back and finish my Bachelor's. Then a move happened and I am not teaching right now. So I figured why not head back to school...so I did, and while I did this, I worked full time (still do), endured a deployment, raised 2 boys...well my list goes on and on. But it's been tough and WKU has been there every step of the way. Having everything online at the touch of my fingertips is just what I need. Life is unpredictable. With that I can study on my terms, that's normally when my boys are asleep or I have a few extra minutes to study. The online classrooms are at your own pace, but they are also challenging and provide me with everything I need. It's easy and a joy to do. Online classes are going to be part of our future and WKU made that possible for me."

"Last Spring, I observed a classroom of English Language Learners at a local elementary school. It was fascinating watching the teacher teach them English without speaking their native language. That's when I decided I wanted to study Teaching English as a Second Language. I talked to my advisor and learned that WKU has a great TESOL program, but I would not be able to graduate on time. Staying an extra semester was not an option for me, so I was very discouraged by the news. The next day, my advisor emailed me about an On Demand self-paced course that was available to take over the summer. He informed me that taking the course online would allow me to graduate on time! I was elated by the news, and immediately enrolled in the course. A year later, I have almost completed all of my TESOL courses, half of them being online. These online classes have allowed me to have time to work part time, be involved in clubs, and volunteer in the community! I love the flexible schedule that the online courses have given me and I cannot wait to be teaching English as a second language!"

"My whole life, I was told to get a higher education and at the age of eighteen, I made a promise to myself that I was going to become a doctor. I, literally wanted to be a doctor, but come to find out, I pass out at the sight of blood. Even though, my medical doctor plan was a short lived, I decided I am going for a doctoral degree so I can become Dr. Selina Spencer-Coffey, a couples counselor. My journey has been a bumpy one but it made me more intelligent. Since I started WKU, I knew I had to find something with flexibility because I have a daughter who needs me and when I discovered online classes, I fell in love. I was able to graduate with my bachelor’s. Then, last year, I began my master’s - I have to thank online classes for it. If it was not for online classes, I would not be here today continuing my promise to myself. I am able to work, play with my daughter, and plan a wedding, while I am in school. I can study pretty much anywhere and wear my PJs if I want, as I complete my lessons. I love the fact that online learning is here, it has opened up so many doors for me and my family, I will forever be grateful. To other students, I won’t lie and say online classes are easy because they are not, it is up to YOU to complete the assignments and give it your all. The more you focus, the more you will conquer. I hope students can see the opportunities of success that this school provides for them, and test each one to see if it works for them like it has for me."

"I did not begin my college career until my mid-thirties. I was a single parent and worked full time as a Para-educator. I fell in love with teaching and WKU was and is the college for me. Their online courses have made it possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. If ever I have a question or concern, their staff and faculty have always been just an email or phone call away to assist me. The flexibility of online courses ensures that I can continue to work and attend classes."

"My experience has been wonderful at WKU. My husband encouraged me to go to college, but life's experiences have motivated me and prepared me to choose Social Work. I chose to study online for the convenience of saving money and also to care for my family, work full-time and provide care for my mother-in-law who has been a stroke survivor for 6 years. Online classes have provided the avenue for me to fulfill my goals of obtaining a Bachelor's degree. I really enjoy how simple it is to use Blackboard and the professors I have had are amazing and so helpful. I would definitely encourage students to use the online avenue for gaining an education. I would advise students to make sure they are self-disciplined and eager. I have had to be very good at multi-tasking because I have a daughter that is 14 and needs attention, I work full-time, take care of a home, take care of my mother-in-law that lives with my husband and I, and I take care of my home and all the duties that go along with that, but I would not trade it for anything. I will not give up on my goal and that is to have a Bachelor's in Social Work. A friend once told me that I can either be 43 with a degree or without, but I will still be 43. I feel my life is just beginning and I'm very excited to be a student at WKU."

 Jeana Wallace"I have been taking one or two classes through WKU Online Learning at a time, for a period of about three and a half years. I have really appreciated the convenience of being able to do school when I have free time. I work full time and needed more flexibility for class work. I have done homework late at night or early in the morning. My advice for others considering online classes is to set weekly goals for yourself. Do not wait until the last month to hurry and do the majority of the work. Take notes and actually read the book, the tests are very challenging and require that you know the material. Read each chapter twice. I did not finish the bachelors degree like I wanted to but I finished another (my second) associates degree. Without online classes, being without transportation, I wouldn't have received either degree. My family has pushed me to keep going and motivated me to get this far. I am glad I have more achievements that will appeal to employers."



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