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Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council draws upon the insight and experience of selected Gordon Ford College of Business students who assist the Dean and faculty to maintain, develop, and promote programs of the College.

Student Advisory Council


First name Last name Organization Email Faculty Advisor
Maria Hernandez Actuarial Science Club maria.hernandez325@topper.wku.edu Cathy Carey
Sharon  Brooks Alpha Kappa Psi sharon.brooks114@topper.wku.edu Veronica Hazard
N/A N/A American Marketing Association N/A Mary Jane Gardner
Alex Bishop Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business (IMA) alexander.bishop018@topper.wku.edu Allen Hunt
Adabella Nunez Beta Alpha Psi adabella.nunez256@topper.wku.edu Sheri Henson 
Nathan Cherry Beta Gamma Sigma nathan.cherry887@topper.wku.edu Evelyn Thrasher and Stacey Gish
James  Hill Center for the Public Trust james.hill016@topper.wku.edu Cecile Garmon
Blake  Pawley Delta Sigma Pi stephen.pawley968@wku.edu Kirk Atkinson
Juliana Murray-Harris Delta Sigma Pi (Alternate) julianamh@gmail.com  
Paige O'Connell Economics Club paige.oconnell668@topper.wku.edu Alex Lebedinsky and Claudia Strow
Michael Harrell ENACTUS michael.harrell489@topper.wku.edu  Krist Schell
Eric Spiller Financial Management Association ericspiller@gmail.com Jean Snavely
Alec  Broughton Financial Planning Association alec.broughton693@topper.wku.edu Andrew Head
Daniel Aroh GFCB Ambassadors daniel.aroh133@topper.wku.edu Wendi Kelley
Colleen Coomes International Association of Business Communicators colleen.coomes854@topper.wku.edu  Stacey Gish
Skyler Wilson MBA Student Association, President skyler.wilson119@topper.wku.edu April Schleig
Cleveland Simpson MBA Student Association george.simpson799@topper.wku.edu
Gabrielle Epperson Society of HR Management  gabrielle.epperson441@topper.wku.edu.   LeAnne Coder
Flavio Chavarro Business Without Borders flavioalejandro.chavarrimiranda529@topper.wku.edu Dana Cosby
Jacob Jones The Network @WKU Jacob.jones870@wku.edu Dawn Bolton
Kyla Scanlon Women in Business kyla.scanlon121@topper.wku.edu Aquesha Daniels


The Gordon Ford College of Business is a top business school with dual AACSB accreditation in both business and accounting programs


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