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Agriculture Degree Programs

Agriculture Degree Programs

  • Major in Agriculture (No Minor or 2nd Major Required) (508)- This major in Agriculture requires a minimum of 50 semester hours in agriculture and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.  Electives chosen from agriculture courses focusing on a concentration, when approved by an assigned advisor, complete the minimum total of 50 semester hours in agriculture.  No other major or minor is required for the student following the curriculum for this major in agriculture.  At least half of the semester hours in the major must be in courses numbered 300 or above.  Concentrations include:
  • Major in Agriculture (Minor or 2nd Major Required) (605)- This option involves the completion of at least 30 semester hours in Agriculture, including all basic agriculture requirements, along with a suitable major or minor(s) in other department(s).
  • Minor in Agriculture (308) - The minor in Agriculture requires a minimum of 21 approved semester hours in agriculture, with at least 12 credit hours at the 300 level or above.  This option is taken along with a suitable major(s) in another area outside Agriculture.
  • Floristry, Certificate (1769) -

    The Floristry certificate is meant to enhance majors such as business, horticulture, hospitality management, hotel restaurant management, and interior design.  Students who elect the Floristry certificate will develop the skills needed to establish and manage a retail floral business, with emphasis on logistics, resources, marketing and risk management.  This certificate will also be an encouragement for related industry to have an educational outlet for themselves and employees.

  • Master of Science (MS) in Agriculture (052) - The Master's Degree is a general degree in agriculture and can be thesis or non-thesis depending on your end goals.  The degree is general by design which allows for maximum flexibility for each student.  Before you decide to start your graduate program, consider visiting with the agriculture professor in your specific area of interest.


Agriculture Courses are also offered at WKU Glasgow and may include: AGRI 101 (Science of Agriculture), AGRI 291 (Intro to Data Analysis), ANSC 140/141 (Animal Science & Lab), ANSC 338 (Live Animal Evaluation), AGRI 108 (Rural Sociology), AGRI 280 (Intro to Environment), ANSC 240/241 (Livestock Management & Lab).

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