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Minor in Gender and Women's Studies


The Undergraduate Minor addresses significant, often highly controversial topics because we believe that a liberal arts education must lead to personal growth and ultimately to social transformation. Courses in Gender & Women’s Studies pursue this goal by exploring such questions as:

  • How does our understanding of history and literature change when women’s lives are included as a central part of the story?
  • How does one’s experience of race, class, sexuality, age, and gender shape one’s identity and world view?
  • How do we develop a critical perspective about the world that allows us to recognize and challenge social injustice?


  • Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies, GWS 200
  • Western Feminist Thought, GWS 400 (prerequisite: GWS 200)
  • 15 hours of electives with concentration (9 hours) in either the social sciences or the humanities, with no more than 6 hours in any one department.

View the GWS minor worksheet to check off requirements.


GWS Core Courses

GWS 200: Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies (Honors available)

GWS 400: Western Feminist Thought (Offered during odd years or anytime through Independent Learning


Approved Electives         

GWS 375: American Masculinities

GWS 470/G: Special Topics

GWS 499: Directed Study

AFAM 343: Communities of Struggle

AFAM 353: Radical Blackness 

AFAM/ENG 393: African American Lit.

ANTH 343: Anthropology of Gender

CRIM 446: Gender, Crime, and Justice

COMM 374: Gender Communication

COMM 388: Sem. in Political Comm.

DANC 360: Dance in Culture 

DCS 363: Narrative Discourse Prisons

ENG 104: Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 295: Pop Culture & Gender 

ENG 360: Gay & Lesbian Literature

ENG/FILM 465: Film Genres 

ENG 387: Studies in Autobiography  

ENG 388: Postcolonial Studies  

ENG 488: Victorian Literature & Culture

ENG 489: The English Novel 

ENG 497: Women’s Literature 

FACS 311: Family Relations 

FACS 495: Family & Relationship Violence

FLK 280: Cultural Diversity in the US 

FLK 330: Cultural Connections/Diversity

FLK 373: Folklore & Media 

FLK 480: Women’s Folklife 

FILM 369: Intro to World Cinema 

FILM 469: Topics in World Cinema 

HIST 329: Black Intellectual History 

HIST 335: 20th-Century Europe 

HIST 420: History of Sexuality 

HIST 446: American Legal History Since 1865

HIST 453: American Women’s History 

PH 364: Women’s Health 

PH 365: Human Sexuality 

PS 373: Minority Politics 

PS 374: Women & Politics 

PSY/PSYS 350: Social Psychology 

PSY 355: Issues in Cross-Cultural Psych. 

PSYS 482: Psychology of Sexuality 

PSYS 453: Psychology of Women 

RESL 322: Islam & Pilgrimage 

RELS 331: Islam in America 

RELS 333: Women & Religion 

RELS 341: Religion & Environment 

RELS 401: Islam, Sexuality, & Gender 

SOCL 220: Marriage & Family 

SOCL 350: Systems of Social Inequality 

SOCL 355: Sociology of Gender 

SOCL 359: Sexuality & Society 

SOCL 362: Social Institutions: Race, Class, & Gender

SOCL 435: Family Violence 

SOCL 466: Gender/Families 

SOM 310: Media Diversity 

THEA 341: Culture & Performance 

THEA 374: Topics in Drama 

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