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Minor in Gender and Women's Studies


The Undergraduate Minor addresses significant, often highly controversial topics because we believe that a liberal arts education must lead to personal growth and ultimately to social transformation. Courses in Gender & Women’s Studies pursue this goal by exploring such questions as:

  • How does our understanding of history and literature change when women’s lives are included as a central part of the story?
  • How does one’s experience of race, class, sexuality, age, and gender shape one’s identity and world view?
  • How do we develop a critical perspective about the world that allows us to recognize and challenge social injustice?


  • Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies, GWS 200
  • Western Feminist Thought, GWS 400 (prerequisite: GWS 200)
  • 15 hours of electives with concentration (9 hours) in either the social sciences or the humanities, with no more than 6 hours in any one department.
GWS MINOR (Reference Number 378)
Advising Worksheet
GWS 200 Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies
GWS 400
Western Feminist Thought - (Offered every spring and fall
odd years or any time through Independent Learning)


GWS CORE COURSES            

GWS 200      Honors Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies
GWS 200      Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies
GWS 400      Western Feminist Thought




APPROVED ELECTIVES (Taught by GWS Faculty)             

GWS 375 American Masculinities                                               
GWS 470 (G) Special Topics
GWS 499 Directed Study in Gender & Women's Studies



ANTH 343 Anthropology of Gender                   
COMM 374 Gender Communication
DANC 360 Dance in Culture: Moving History        
ENG 295 Pop Culture & Gender: Signs & Narratives
ENG 360 Gay and Lesbian Literature
ENG 387 Studies in Autobiography
ENG 497 Women's Literature
FLK 330 Cultural Connections/Diversity
FLK 371 Urban Folklore
FLK 480 Women's Folklife
GWS 321 Women in Journalism
HIST 335 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 420 History of Sexuality
HIST 446 American Legal History
HIST 453 American Women's History
PHIL 212 Philosophy and Gender Theory
RELS 333 Women and Religion
RELS 408 Religion and Ecology



CRIM 446 Gender, Crime, and Justice
FACS 495 Family & Relationship Violence              
GWS 421 Women and Science
PS 373 Minority Politics
PS 374 Women and Politics
PH 365 Human Sexuality
PH 464 Women's Health
PSY 355 Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology 
PSYS 482 Psychology of Sexuality
PSYS 453 Psychology of Women
SOCL 355 Sociology of Gender
SOCL 359 Sexuality and Society
SOCL 362 Race, Class, & gender
SOCL 435 Family Violence
SOCL 466 Gender/Families

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