About Gender &Women’s Studies


The Gender & Women’s Studies Program broadens women’s and men’s knowledge of gender dynamics, globally and historically, with an emphasis on issues central to women’s lives. Through an interdisciplinary classroom experience, community outreach, and special events, the Gender & Women’s Studies Program advances understanding of the social and cultural institutions and practices that affect us.


  • sharpen ability to critically analyze gender issues
  • encourage the practice of feminist scholarship
  • enhance intellectual and personal growth
  • foster an atmosphere in which diversity and sustainability are valued
  • advocate ethical conduct, social justice, and responsible global citizenship

These goals support the university’s goals in a number of ways. As an interdisciplinary program, Gender & Women’s Studies enhances intellectual and personal growth by synthesizing various ways of knowing, learning, and communication. For the undergraduate minor, approved electives must be taken in both the humanities and the sciences/social sciences, thus exposing students to alternative methods of social, political, scientific, and literary analysis. The core course in the interdisciplinary minor (Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies) meets Category C (social sciences) of the general education requirements. The graduate certificate, which is fully available online, consists of at least five courses: two core courses and three electives, one of which must be outside the student’s home discipline.