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School of Teacher Education

Second Undergraduate Degree Program Leading To Elementary Education Certification

Preparation Program Leading to the Provisional Certificate for Teaching in the Early Elementary Grades

1. Related Studies Component (36 hours)

To enhance the diversity of the education program, courses of several fields of study are included in the Related Studies Component. The Related Studies Component of the Early Elementary Education Program includes the following courses:


ENG 302 Language and Communication
SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education
HIST 456/  Kentucky History
(or) GEOG 451 Kentucky Geography
MATH 205 Number Systems and Number Theory for Teachers
MATH 206 Fundamentals of Geometry for Teachers
MATH 308 Rational Numbers and Data Analysis for Teachers
LME 318 Children’s Literature
ART 310 Art Education in the Elementary School
MUS 311 Music for the Elementary Teacher
PE 354 Physical Education for Elementary Schools
CS 145  Introduction to Computer Science
(or) CIS 141 Basic Computer Literacy
MUS 314 Comprehensive Arts Education for the Elementary Teacher


2. Professional Education Studies (46 hours)

The following courses constitute the Professional Preparation Component of the Early Elementary Grades Program:

EDU 250 Introduction to Teacher  Education
PSY 310 Educational Psychology
LTCY 320 The Teaching of Reading
ELED 345 Teaching Strategies for Elementary Teachers I
ELED 355 Student Diversity in the Classroom
ELED 365 Teaching Strategies for Elementary Teachers II
ELED 405 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
ELED 406 Teaching Science in the Elementary School
ELED 407 Materials and Methods in Social Studies
LTCY 420 Reading in the Primary Grades
ELED 465  Senior Projects in Elementary Education 
EDU 489 * Student Teaching Seminar
ELED 490 * Student Teaching


Please note:

  • All courses are three credit hours with the exception of ELED 490 which is ten credit hours.
  • These requirements are effective as of Fall 2011.
  • All major courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Must be admitted to the Teacher Education program prior to enrollment in ELED 355 and subsequent classes. Requires appropriate passing scores on an Approved Assessment Test.  Students who obtained less than a 2.5 GPA on their first undergraduate degree must have at least a 2.5 GPA in English 100 and 300 or their equivalent courses and at least a C in Public Speaking.
  • * : May be waived for individuals who hold or are eligible for certification if they have previously completed an approved student teaching experience.

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