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Post-Award Responsibilities & Accountability


Principal Investigator/Project Director

  1. I am responsible for notifying my Department Head/Unit Head/Director when I receive an award that includes reassigned effort, whether cost-shared or bought-out by the sponsor.
  2. I am the budget steward of my grant and must ensure that all expenditures are directly related to the project as detailed in the proposal to the sponsor, including expenditures charged to a University purchasing card.

  3. I will be held accountable for complying with the timeline, as set forth in the proposal, and making expenditures in a timely fashion in direct correlation with the established timeline.  
  4. If there is any major deviation from the established timeline, I will bring it to the attention of Sponsored Programs so the sponsor can be notified and, if needed, approve the change.        
  5. I am responsible for the project outcomes as well as expenditure compliance.      
  6. I am responsible for reading and understanding all documents, including electronic documents, which I sign/approve. 

  7. I am responsible for understanding and complying with the requirements of the sponsor's award document.              
  8. I am required to schedule an appointment for a training session with Grants & Contracts Accounting on financial processes concerning my grant. (This is a one-time training session.)       
  9. I am required to certify my effort on the project with time and effort documents that are entered in and reflected in University financial records. This is an audit item and time/effort certified should be real time/effort.                                                                              
  10. I am responsible for the submission of timely technical reports to the sponsor as detailed in the award document.      
  11. I must notify Sponsored Programs of any change to the scope of work on the awarded project. (Usually these changes require sponsor approval.)                     

  12. I am responsible for ensuring that all personnel supported by the grant meet the Federally-mandated "Responsible Conduct of Research" (RCR) training requirements.

  13. The PI agrees to notify OSP immediately when intellectual property (i.e. inventions, scientific or technological developments, innovative processes, computer software and other forms of copyrightable material) is developed or discovered during the course of the project.


Department Head / Unit Head / Director

  1. I am responsible for reading and understanding all documents, including electronic documents, which I sign/approve.   

  2.  My department/unit is responsible for cost overruns and disallowed charges on this grant, including expenditures charged to a University purchasing card.                                                                             

  3. My electronic approval of this proposal means that I am fully aware of the commitment of time/effort and resources and the validity of the proposal.                                                                                 

  4. I have read the proposal, including budget and budget justification, to ensure I understand the commitment of time/effort and resources being made by the project director.                                                                        

  5. I understand cost share and the major implications it has on the departmental budget.                             
  6. I am accountable for ensuring that the PI/PD and others on the grant are actually reassigned to the grant for any time/effort agreed to in the proposal (whether cost-shared by WKU or bought-out by the sponsor).          

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