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Become A Housing Host

Become A Housing Host

We would love to have you become a host to our healthcare students during their clinical rotations. We are always accepting housing applications for any of our 22 counties. Students are given a housing allowance to pay you for the time they are in your home that pays $100.00/week. 

While I do not know the exact dates in advance, you would have full discretion to accept or decline a student any time I send you a request. 

The requirements for housing hosts include:

  • Student must have their own bedroom
  • Student must have access to a bathroom
  • Student must have access to kitchen space to cook and/or store food
  • Must have working smoke detectors in the home
  • You must be able to pass a background check
  • Q: Can I say no to taking a student if it's a bad time? 
    • A: Of course! You always have the discretion to house a student when we send a request.
  • Q: How often will I have a student?
    • A: It is hard to know, but we would give you as much notice as possible if we have things scheduled in advance. 
  • Q: How long do students stay?
    • A: The average length of stay is 4 weeks. However, some students stay longer and up to 12 weeks. You would always be given the dates at the time of the request.
  • Q: Would there ever be more than 1 student at a time?
    • A: I do not tend to do this and can usually find separate hosts if two or more students are rotating in the area at once.
  • Q: How do students pay me the stipend? 
    • Students will either endorse a check to you, pay in cash, or through peer-to-peer mobile payment apps. This should be paid to you upon their arrival. If it is a long stay, it may come in 2 or 3 payment blocks, but will all be paid before they leave.
  • Q: Do I need to provide meals for them? 
    • A: This is not required. The students just need to have access to the kitchen to store food and to be able to utilize your space to cook if they so choose.

Other noteworthy items:

  • We encourage students to get involved in the community. If you are involved in community activities, encourage the student to participate with you. Many will want to learn about your community. 
  • Please feel free to inform students of any rules you wish for them to follow while staying as a guest in your home. 
  • Many students go home on the weekend if they live in KY, but some may stay. Just know they may be in and out.
  • You may request they let you know when they are coming and going so you are aware and in the know.


If you have any questions, feel free to email allie.pardue@wku.edu or call her at 270-745-5871. 

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