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LTCA Certificate Program: Course Substitutes

Required Core Courses:                                                                                                                     Apply Now!

HCA 345: Long-Term Care Administration  (3)

HCA 355: Nursing Facility Administration (3)


Below is a list of courses that could potentially be substituted, with prior approval.

*Please contact Melanie Eaton at melanie.eaton@wku.edu or 270-745-5854 for other courses that may be substituted to enhance your major.

GERO 100: Introduction to the Aging Experience

                             PSY 199: Developmental Psychology

PH 443: Health and Aging

                             BIOL 344: Biology of Aging

                             SOC 342: Aging in Society

                             PSY 423: Psychology of Adult Life & Aging

                             NURS 451: Gerontological Nursing

HCA 353: Quality and Patient Safety in Long-Term Care

                             HCA 343: Healthcare Quality Management

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