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Apply: Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Applying for Undergraduate Certificate Programs


Note: The following steps should be completed the semester prior to completion of the certificate program.

Step 1: Find the Certificate Program Reference Number and Name of Program in the CHHS Undergraduate Catalog

            or from list below.

Step 2: Complete the Undergraduate Certificate Program Form

             *if the form will not open fully, click the "download" button and open document with adobe reader

Step 3: Obtain program approval signatures from department offering the certificate program

Step 4: Pay the $15.00 application fee on TopNet


Department of Public Health Undergraduate Certificate Programs:

Name of Program and Reference Number:                                                                           

Long Term Care Administration Certificate, 1717

Occupational Safety & Health, 1705

Worksite Health Promotion, 1707

Vijay Teaching

Louisville Innovation Summit

logan aluminum trip

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