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Long Term Care Administration

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When students complete the LTCA Certificate Program in combination with the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and NAB accreditation internship requirements, they will be graduating from a NAB Academic Accreditation Program - one of less than 15 in the United States!  Find out more information about NAB academic approval by visiting   www.nabweb.org .

To find out more about WKU's NAB accredited Health Care Administration with LTCA Certificate degree program, click here.

Why a LTCA Certificate?

This certificate is an excellent addition to aspiring leaders in nursing, finance, accounting, social work, dietetics, management, healthcare and information technology. As career opportunities in long term care continue to grow, there is a greater demand than ever for individuals with some preparation for leadership roles in long term care organizations. As you advance your career and experience, the LTCA Certificate Program will help prepare you for many roles in long term care, with just a few of those listed below:

Dietician, Director of Social Services, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Information Technology, Accounting Manager, Home Health, Business Office Manager, Dietary Manager, Health Informatics 

LTCA Certificate Curriculum

The certificate program consists of five courses.  A (*) indicates a core course that can not be substituted.                                                                       

*HCA 345: Long-Term Care Administration (3) 
*HCA 355: Nursing Facility Administration (3)                                       
PH 443: Health and Aging (3)                                        
GERO 100: Introduction to the Aging Experience (3) 
HCA 353: Quality and Patient Safety in Long-Term Care (3)

                                                                                                  Total - 15 hrs

Click here to see the list of potential course substitutes to enhance your major.


Objectives of the LTCA Certificate Program:

  • Help prepare students who have a bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration for licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Assisted Living or Home and Community Based Services.

    • Students completing the NAB accredited degree program at WKU can be eligible for Health Services Excecutive (HSE) licensure exams in participating states.

  • Introduce students to alternative forms of adult and long term health care services (assisted living, adult daycare services, home care, etc).

  • Increase student awareness of illnesses commonly associated with the elderly or those requiring long-term care for chronic disease.

  • Introduce students to the needs of different facilities with regards to staffing.

  • Give students an overview of federal and state (Kentucky) regulations regarding long term care provisions.

  • Explore sociodemographic changes affecting the industry.

Why at WKU?

The proposed certificate program is expected to address three areas of need in long term care administration and Western Kentucky University's mission.

  1. Market demand and industry expectations

  2. Program restructuring

  3. Growth in the global market.

Rationale for LTCA:

Current trends in the healthcare industry are placing increasing reliance on long term care, to include special care units, nursing facilities, subacute care, assisted living,  community based services such as home care and adult daycare and senior housing.  In addition, Nursing Home Administrator licensure requires a college degree in most states as one criterion prior to sitting for the licensing exam. This certificate is intended to help students prepare for that examination and a career in management across the long term care continuum. Moreover, the market demand for LTC, especially in health services involving the elderly, is growing at a rapid rate. At the same time, the elderly population currently seeking care is relatively knowledgeable of its health care, social, and psychological needs.

The LTC certificate is one way of spearheading efforts to engage in program restructuring to accommodate the projected administration of long-term care facilities and services. This is a direct response to the growing challenge of aging population in America and chronic disease management. As part of this process, the committee decided to lay down strategies to distinguish our program from others in the state and elsewhere based on a few, relevant content areas in health administration. 


For More Information, Contact:

Melanie Eaton

Instructor, Long-term Care Program Coordinator

Office:  Academic Complex 126
Phone:  (270) 745-5854
Email:  melanie.eaton@wku.edu 

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